Part 1

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~Your P.O.V~

                "Hm, its raining" I whispered, I'm not that much of a talker, the only real time i'll talk is when I'm around my older sister Yui. I was currently at the mansion my stupid father sent my beloved sister to, I really missed her so, i'm here to stay. I approached the large front doors on the mansion worrying that my stuffed rabbit would become soaked if I stood out here to much longer. Once I was at the door I lightly knocked 'really y/n its raining there not-' my thoughts were cut off by the door opening, the person who stood in front of me had the most unusual purple hair but it was pretty.

 "Who are you?" the purple headed boy asked rather forcefully. I held up the letter that had been in my hand and he snatched it. As he read I noticed that he was clutching onto a teddy bear.

 " YUI!" I was startled at the sudden outburst of him yelling my sisters name.

        I heard small footsteps and looked up, only to see my one and only sister ,whom I cared for dearly, come trotting down a flight of stairs. Her pink orbs widened as she saw me standing at the front door looking at her.

 " Y/n? W-what are you doing here?" Yui stuttered walking towards me.

 " I-i came here to stay with you" I mumbled holding onto her, she had a worried expression but also a happy one. She smiled down at me with her pearly whites.

 " Who thought waking up the whole house was a good idea!?" someone screamed startling me for the second time today. I looked up from my hiding position in Yui's shirt only to see a fiery red head standing there in a high and mighty position.

 " Who's this?" the red head asked staring at me intently.

 "This is my younger sister y/n" Yui answered for me.

 Just as she said that, about four more boys appeared in the current room we were in, since there were already red and purple, now there were another red orangish, navy purple,white, and a Blonde he was the only one who intrigued me, so after Yui explained who I was and why I was here, I ignored all there creepy comments and only listened to there names. I learned that the Blonde was named Shu and that he was also the oldest, I walked over near the couch that he was on, surprising the other boys by my actions and Yui.

 "Hi" I let out, at barely a whisper looking at the calm man in front of me, he didn't even budge so I just sat on a nearby couch admiring him, but not staring. Yui looked barely audible at the fact that I actually talked to someone other than her.

 " Y/n? Are you okay? You never talk to anyone but me." she said completely confused at my actions. I simply shrugged and sat there waiting for Shu to do something.

 " You guys should take a lesson from this girl, she barely bugs me and gets the hint the first time" Shu spoke as he lay his head on my lap, I smiled and looked up to see the shocked expressions of the others, they seem to be shocked at his talking.

 I started petting his soft blonde hair once he had gotten comfortable only to see him smile and drift off to sleep.

~Shu P.O.V~

 I like this girl, shes smart I think I could fall asleep like this every day.....

(A/n Heyyy! hope you liked, this was just something I was thinking of to get myself to go to sleep one night so I finally decided to write it down! p.s I don't know how often i'll update but stick around! Byeee! <3)

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