1) The Loner

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High school always been lonely for Brittany. She's always stood out because she talks weird and believed in Hogwarts till she was sixteen (and cried when she found out it wasn't, in class). She wears vintage clothes and floppy hats and smiles at people she doesn't know. Apparently that makes her weird.

Journalism is Brittany favourite (and only one she's in) club because she writes short stories for it. Writing is great, having a big imagination actually helps and Brittany has one hell of an imagination. She sits with some of the journalism kids at lunch as she daydreams, and it's better than daydreaming by herself.

But apart from lunch and journalism Brittany usually alone. No one wants to be friends with her. So of course, when she's in communication, she dreads the words, "group project".

No one ever wants to work with Brittany, even if she wasn't a weirdo loner, she was stupid. Everyone thought it, and it was probably true. Brittany wasn't exactly a genius, not even close to one.

The teacher ended up choosing groups, which Brittany's glad for. At least she doesn't have to wait for someone to take pity on her. She doesn't want to feel like a charity case.

"Brittany?" The teacher repeated, pulling her out of her daydream.

"Yes miss?" Brittany asked.

"I said you were working with Quinn and Santana." Miss. Greggs repeated. Brittany followed her glaze over to a corner table where a Spanish girl who looked a mix of muderous and a blonde cheerleader, Quinn, who looked bored were sat.

"Hi." Brittany greeted them brightly. She smiled despite being met with only bored stares.

"Whatever." Quinn muttered. Quinn was one of those very pretty and popular girls. She probably had more Facebook friends then Brittany knew real people. She looked like an angel but she wasn't nice. Quinn slushied other students all the time, including Brittany and spent most of her time gossiping with other Cheerios (why the cheerleaders were named after cereal confused Brittany).

Santana sort of stared at Brittany like she was analysing her. Santana was a 'tough' girl. She usually wore black and had really long, shiny hair. She got into a lot of fights, only a month ago she put a football player in hospital and his family dropped the charges, there were rumours of blackmail involved. Santana, in Brittany's opinion was much pretty than Quinn, her eyes were framed by thick black eyelashes and she looked like some sort of pretty exotic princess, while Quinn just looked like a prom queen. No one likes a prom queen, there always mean. Brittany hates mean girls (but not the movie).

"What's this project about?" Brittany asked, trying her best to contuine the conversation. If there's one think Brittany hated was awkward silence.

Santana and Quinn shared a look, before Santana answered. "We have to pick a minority group and write about how they fought for equal rights and other boring stuff."

"We could do woman." Quinn suggested, changing her bored expression for a moment, which seemed to shock both Brittany and Santana for a minute. Brittany was pretty sure she'd never seen Quinn that interested in class before and it doesn't last for long. Only a minute later she rearranged her face back to extremely bored.

"That could work." Brittany agreed, taking advantage of Quinn's slightly interested state.

"What the hell, I actually think that's a good idea Fabray." Santana said dryly.

"We can work at mine." Brittany suggested. "My parents are professors, we have a big library."

"Your parents teach? That's surprising." Quinn says icily. She looked at Santana like she was expecting her to laugh but was met with a cold glare.

"No me gusto bitch." Santana hissed. Brittany felt oddly touched that the other girl stood up for her. She gave Santana a grateful smile which she was sure the other would have returned if she wasn't still glaring at Quinn.

"So... My place?" Brittany asked, trying to defuse the tension between the other two girls.

"Whatever." Quinn repeated in her 'I don't care' voice.

Brittany sighed. It didn't seem this project was going to make her any less of a loner.

I started writing this for international woman's day which was today!

I'll update in the next two days so this will probably be 3 or 4 parts long.

Let me know what you think.

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