Little Girl

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Tobias and I sit together silently for a few hours, binge watching a series on TV about a murder house. Occasionally one of us will make a slight comment when things get a little gruesome or exciting. There's a bowl of popcorn nestled between us on the couch and the sun is beginning to rise outside causing it to create a soft glow inside the room.

Its early hours in the morning and the birds begin to sing their song. I yawn and stretch my arms over my head, shifting in position to get comfortable.

"How are you still tired? I've never met someone who can sleep for so long," Tobias comments, his gaze never leaving the TV screen.

The main character had been stabbed with a piece of glass and blood was cascading down the walls. Clearly Tobias is enjoying it too much to look away . . .

"I haven't slept well for years, living with someone like Trevor can do that to you so I'm making the most of it whilst I can." I half joke. I take another handful of popcorn and watch Tobias still before turning towards me. His brown eyes flash with sympathy and I immediately curse myself for bringing up the topic of Trevor.

"I haven't been the most welcoming since you got here. Just because I have issues with Jake doesn't mean it should effect the relationship between you and I." Tobias says quietly. My eyebrows raise in surprise from his sudden honesty and I open my mouth to respond but he cuts me off —

"I'm sorry Emily. It won't happen again."

I choke on the piece of popcorn in my mouth and quickly cough it back up.

"Who are you and what have you done with the real Tobias?" I gasp, bringing light to the situation. His shoulders immediately relax and a small smile flickers across his face. A silent peace offering settles between us and I'm grateful for that.

I realise Tobias doesn't have to be my enemy, I'd quite like it if we were to become friends.

Who knows . . . Maybe it'll rub off on the two cousins and get them to sort their differences.

"What happened between you and Jake? He never told me." I asked, eager to know what had caused them to dislike each other so much. Tobias sighed deeply, his face turning serious. His eyes held guilt in them and he turned towards me sheepishly -

"I did something unforgivable, I betrayed him and took something from him that he cared deeply about. Me and him were so close before it happened and I ruined it," he said sadly, turning back towards the TV.

I waited for him to elaborate but he never did so I took that as my cue to drop the subject. It wasn't my business to do so and I didn't want to appear pushy.

The door of the living room opened slowly and Jakes head popped round. His eyes looked sleepy and his hair was sticking up in different directions. He wore black jogging bottoms that hung loosely on his hips. His white shirt clung to his arms showing off his strength and I couldn't help myself from gawking.

Even in the morning, this boy managed to look good.

"Morning," I smiled at him, patting the seat next to me. He gave me a small smile in response, warily glancing between me and Tobias. Jealousy flashed through his eyes and I frowned —

"What's going on here?" He asked, his voice low and husky from sleep.

"Im watching a movie with Tobias..." I replied, confused as to what he was implying. I sighed and pushed myself off the sofa, grabbing the bowl of popcorn with me as I did so.

"Tobias was keeping me company, I woke up a few hours ago," I said, walking towards the door. I brushed past Jake and headed for the kitchen.

"Why didn't you wake me?" Jake replied, trailing after me. He pulled back one of the dining chairs and sat himself down. I placed the bowl of popcorn onto the side and turned to face him.

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