Chapter 4

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"How are things?" Sara asked she poured Kate a cup of tea. "You been here almost a week now."

Kate nodded a thanks to the woman. "It's been great. The doctor has been out to see me everyday."

Sara gave a small laugh looking at Lindsey and Lucy in merriment.  "You live a two minute walk away from his practice."

"Afternoon Sara." A brunette woman approached the booth where the ladies were sitting.

Sara nodded her head slightly bowing it. "Afternoon Ms Rogers."

Ms Rogers squeezed Sara on the arm. "We known each other for years. Please do call me Elena." She smiled her eyes roaming over to the visitors in the booth. She held out her hand in a shake to Lindsey then to Kate. "I am Elena. Nice to finally meet you. You already met my husband Enoch."

Kate eyes widen as she realised who she were now talking too. "I am so thankful for the cot that you have given me." Kate scooted over in the booth to sit closer to the window so that Elena had room to sit beside her.

Lucy sat there quietly staring at the lady in awe. "You smell so pretty. Like trees."

"Lucy!" Lindsey was shocked at her outspoken daughter. She hoped that she didn't cause any offence to the woman. "Ever since we have got her she been sniffing everything. I don't know what has gotten into her."

Elena waved at the little child. "Don't worry. I was like that as a child always scenting things. It is how we learn. How we get to know different things. Tell things apart. Isn't that right Lucy?"

Her little brown eyes met Elena. Lucy felt something move inside her, she didn't know what it was but she felt as if something was awakening.

She nodded her head, her throat feeling too tight to speak. Lucy wondered if the lady were like her.

Kate cleared her throat taking the attention away from an uncomfortable looking Lucy. "Thanks for the baby items as well."

Since moving they decided it would be best to buy the baby clothes once they reached their destination. Being tight for money this little town has helped them out a lot.

"It was nothing." She nodded her thanks to Sara who came back silently with a fresh cup of tea for her. "I have two sons and two girls all grown up. There is no point keeping the stuff locked away when I haven't got any grandchildren yet."

Lindsey let out a low whistle. "You are looking good for four children. What is your secret."

"We like to do a lot of running in this town." Elena took a sip of her drink. "We love to be close to nature."

Kate agreed with her sister, Elena does look good. "How old are your children." Kate rubbed her stomach, her little boy was moving around again.

Elena eyes went to her tummy seeing a little foot stick out. "I loved to be pregnant. My eldest son is nearing thirty."

"Thirty!" Lindsey and Kate shouted spitting out their drink.

They looked at Elena again. She didn't look much older than fourty.

Elena blushed. "I had my first child at eighteen."

Sara laughed walking by listening to conversation. "My boy is thirty two." She added.

Lindsey looked like she would of fallen over if she wasn't sitting down. "There must be something in the water around here for everyone to be looking so youthful."

Elena left the comment out there not wanting to dwell on why people in the town look younger than their age. "My next child is my daughter who is twenty six and mated-" she coughed abruptly. "Dated sorry. She has dated this nice man for a couple of years they are soon to be married at the end of the year."

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