III: Insanity

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~ Lauren's POV: 

"Thanks," I told Isabel as I slid off the helmet handing it to her after she had shut off her motorcycle. During the ride, there were countless of times where I had my front pressed firmly against her back. It felt very weird and awkward.

"You're welcome," she said as she slide the strap over the handle bars making it dangle.

I really need to take a shower after I stuff myself like a turkey on Thanksgiving. That was hell of a ride, but I won't admit it to Montes that it wasn't that bad for a first timer. It felt actually good and relaxing with the wind blowing keeping me cool while I enjoyed the view. It felt different and serene then riding on a car.

I hopped off of the vehicle combing my fingers through my hair taming it down a bit. I let out a breath as she looked at me. "First things first. We are not friends and everything stays the same." I assured her making her understand. 

"Alright," she slid her index and middle finger together along her lips looking as if she was zipping it up. I actually found it quite cute at her gesture. "but in one condition," Montes emphasized what she had said as she ran her fingers through her hair. 

"I'm not sleeping with you," I rolled my eyes. That's just crazy. The feeling of a girl touching me feels so disgusting.

She laughed lightly shaking her head. "I'd never sleep with a cold hearted person,"

"Ouch, That kinda hurts," I spoke as I put my hand over my chest. It actually did hurt me hearing those words coming out of her mouth directly at me. It felt like getting sting to the heart from a bee. I just didn't show her how her words affected me.

"Um, sorry," she said lowly while scratching the side of her head.

I ignored her apology and crossed my right hand over my stomach holding on to my left elbow. "What's you condition anyways?"

"No bullying people my kind for 3 weeks," she smiled slightly shoving her thumb into her pocket.

"2 weeks," I retorted.

"Fine," she muttered out.

She held her fist up in my direction. I raised my brow wondering what she was doing. She rolled her eyes puffing air into her mouth and then releasing it. "Fist bump to seal the deal."

"That rhymes," I lifted my fist and hit it against hers. 

"Cool. Well, i gotta go Anderson," she spoke taking the helmet. I stood there awkwardly waiting for her to leave so i could close the gate.

She turned her head facing me and looked at me dead in the eyes. Her soft blue eyes electrifying me metally. I admit, they were so... beautiful. We looked into each other's eyes when she broke the silence by speaking.

"You look so pretty when your smiling, ..." Montes told me. I don't ever recall myself to smile. Butterflies started floating in my stomach. How'd they get in there? I wish I knew, but I don't know either. This can't be happening. This is just a sick game my mind is playing since I'm hungry. She did not just call me pretty! I'm beautiful, not pretty.

"but when you have a stick up your ass, you look like satan's daughter," she laughed out lightly then smiled showing me her white teeth. It looked so white, I think she bleached then.

"Lesbo B*tch," I quietly said for her not to hear then rolling my eyes. "You can go now, Isabel." Her name sounds weird rolling off my tongue. I guess I got used to calling her by her last name.

"Ok. Bye...  Lauren," Montes slid on the helmet. My name coming out of her mouth sounds so foreign yet beautiful with her voice. What am I saying?

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