7.15. Dissonance and Discord

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Chapter # 7.15 Dissonance and Discord

"you need change friend! Trust me you need to get out of this, changing environment changes mood, and changing mood changes life sometimes" Hassan commented looking at Hussain who was silently sitting in the collage cafeteria for last almost three hours without attending even a single class.

"isn't it a No smoke zone?" Hussain who wasn't even listening to him, furrowed his eyes brows with his eyes firm on the sleek devil dangling between Hassan's index and middle finger.

Hassan looked down at the cigarette and let out a sarcastic chuckle. "who cares?" he shrugged his shoulders. "You are safe till nobody catches you bro!" he added with a tight wink and Hussain just simply stared at the little devil, there was something in his gaze, in those eyes something Hassan was oblivious of.

"what bout Irfan uncle? Does he know you smoke?"

"Ah! Dad would kill me man! I mean am totally grounded if he finds out. But. Only if he finds out you know" Hassan smirked and Hussain frowned but then slowly the frown faded and his features relaxed.

"I wanna try"

"Wha.....?" Hassan chuckled disbelievingly but then his smile swiped off as he saw no joke on Hussian's face.

"Are you crazy? Your brother already hates me, he is gonna bury me 6 feet deep in mud if he finds out that you had a sutta with me. no way bro!" Hassan raised his hands defensively shaking his head and Hussain without a second further delay reached forward and before Hassan could stop him, he grabbed the cigarette from his hand making him off guard completely.

"Hussain! stop it are you...

But his words were of no use as Hussain looked down at his hand holding the devil and then held it between his lips, his face winched a little as he sucked on and the next moment he broke up into a sudden expected cough.

"I told you man!" Hassan almost snatched the cigarette as he patted Hussain's back trying to calm his lungs.

"wesey tujhey kia shok cherh gaya achanak?" Hassan inquired, Hussain took the pack of juice and took a sip.

"bus dil kiya wesey he. La dey!" he again stretched his palm towards him who this time frowned deep.

"Come on! I want to smoke, what so wrong in it?"

"Shehry would ki....

"Forget about Shehry" Hussain cut him through, who was gawking unbelievably at his face but then sighed in defeat and taking out a fresh cigarette from the pack he extended it to Hussain who calmly ignored the cigarette and grabbed the whole pack from his hand.

"What is wrong with you?" Hassan exclaimed as Hussain got up from the chair and kept his bag over his shoulder.

"I have never smoke, never drank.... But it feels all worthless now, useless that I stopped myself from doing so" Hussain was stating though Hassan wasn't getting anything but followed anyways.

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