Chapter 1

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Alison POV

My alarm went off, waking me up in a jolt. I sighed as I realized it was my first day at my new school. "Time to wake up for your first day!" My sister Hanna leaped onto my bed, making me groan and shove her off, landing with a thump.

"Okay ouch. But come on Al it'll be fun. You'll see." I brought myself to my feet and dragged my legs to the dresser, grabbing the outfit I had already picked out the previous night. Washed out high waisted shorta, black crop top and a floral kimono. All along with silver earrings and a necklace of course, then my white vans. (If anyone comments damn daniel...I hate you😂)

By the time we were both ready and driving to school I started getting nervous. "Ali relax. I can literally hear your heart from here." "Sorry i'm just nervous."

"Don't be. You'll be perfectly fine Al. And plus, be the Queen Bee from your last school. You ran that school Ali. Just bring that confidence here. Everyone will love you, promise. How could they not?" I chuckled and we pulled up to the school, parking Hanna's white Honda Civic. When I got out of the car everyone was staring at us. "Why are they looking at me?" My face heated up and Hanna smirked, "cause, we're hot, that's why." I fixed my Michael Kors bag and breathed out, walking into the school fully. "Damn. Look at the new girl."

"What an ass."

"Damn those titties."

"Fuck that's some sexy body."

I rolled my eyes at every guy's snarky comments. "Hey girls. This is-" "Alison! Yeah we remember you. I think we've met before. I'm Aria." I smiled and nodded, "Yep. And Spencer?"

"In the flesh. It's good to see you again Alison." I grinned at the tall brunette and Hanna said, "So has he come by?" "Who?" I asked but as if I wasn't there they talked. "No, he was talking to some girls by the locker rooms."

"Ugh. Why? I'm right here and he doesn't look at me?"

" guys broke up."

"Okay. Who broke up, and what?" They looked at me, "oh right sorry babes. My ex boyfriend Sean Ackard."

I nodded and she explained to me that they just broke up and Aria said it was the 5th time this month, making me laugh and we all finally walked to class, which was with Mr. Fitz.

Emily POV

"Yo! Fields." Charlotte walked over and I smirked, "Sup Trans. Happy first day."

She laughed, "funny, hermy." I laughed at her lame comment on my intersexuality. Yep, I was born with a penis AND boobs. How awesome? I know right? Let me tell you. It has worked very well in my favor. And Charlotte here? She's been my best friend since I could even remember. She used to be Charles Drake, but she got a sex change, but she kept her penis. Guess that worked in her favor? We're practically the same now and we rule this whole school, get all the hot girls. It's perfect.

We walked into the school when I heard my name being called. "Fuck no." I closed my eyes and turned around to see Chelsea Brown. "Hey Em. You never called me back the other night so I was just-"

"God how do I put this nicely?" I said, cutting off her words. She had hope in her expression but I shut it down. "It was a hookup Chelsea. Relax. I'm not your girlfriend." I laughed and she frowned, "but," "But nothing. Look sweetie. I don't do relationships, I don't believe in love. It's not real so I suggest you go and try some other chump who will fall into the mushy, gushy relationship crap you like. It was a one time thing. I am always willing to fuck again, but maybe in a week or so, k?" I said and grinned at her, patting her cheek, then walked away. "Damn. Your rejections just keep getting better and better." Char said and I chuckled, "and the sex just keeps coming more and more."

"So what about you? Any fuckery this weekend Ce?" I nicknamed her Cece, or Ce years ago. She calls me Em, Americano, Fields, etc. It's our thing. "Let's see. Some spanish chick, hella hot. Red head and Marina Pert." I laughed, "Nicely done."

"What about you?"

"You know, the usual. Weekly sex with-" "Me. Of course." Mona Vanderwaal walked over and smirked. "Yes, her." Mona and I are sex friends. Friends with benefits, as I call it. No feelings allowed, fun, sex. Usually every weekend.

"Wow. Pregnant yet?" Ce joked and I rolled my eyes, "Funny." I saw a girl walk behind Charlotte and I smirked, "damn. Who's that chick?" I pointed to the blonde girl walking with Marin and her little crew. "Let's go find out. Guess we got Fitz with her." Char said and I followed her to english. Mona walked away, going to her class and I fixed the collar on my leather jacket, put sunglasses on and walked into the classroom.

Alison POV

"Hey Marin." A girl with blonde hair walked over and sat down on next to Hanna, who was seated right in front of me.  "Drake. What do you two want?" I looked next to her and saw a brunette with perfectly toned skin, chiseled jawline and dark sunglasses, showing me that she has a total badass vibe to her. Just the way she walked said that she thinks she is the only person in the world. "Well well, happy first day to you too Marin." The brunette said and smirked at Hanna with the type of smirk that clearly could win any person over with. "Happy first day. Now, what do you want?" She said to the brunette. "I want to know who your friend over here is." I am guessing Fields said, although I bet that's her last name. "My friend over here is Alison DiLaurentis. My sister."

"Yet you have separate last names?" So called "Drake" said and I butted in. "Our parents had Hanna right before they got married, so she has our mother's maiden name, then I was born months later, given DiLaurentis as my last name."

Fields smiled at me, "She speaks."

"She annoys." I said with a fake smile. A sly grin grew on her face and she sat down right next to me, "And feisty too? I like you." She winked and I rolled my eyes, "Lesbo."

"You bet it. And let me guess. Straight?"

Bisexual. Dumbass.

"Bisexual. Dumbass." She laughed, "So I have a chance." I glared at her, "I said bisexual, that means boys or girls. Idiots not included." She laughed even more and smiled, "We'll see about that."

I looked back at Spencer and Aria who were trying not to laugh at Fields being annoying as fuck.

God she's so flipping relentless.


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