Running Scared

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Being a Guardian is an important job

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Being a Guardian is an important job. Daphne had always felt honoured that she had been chosen for this life. Especially since it gave her a better shot at survival in the underground world so cut-off from the true Fae way.

Another terrified screech made her turn her march into a run.

A terrified Elf shielded several Court brats behind him. A black cat with ruby eyes hissed at them and kept them pinned beneath its gaze.

Daphne felt confusion and fear over the presence of a Caìt Sìth in the Onyx Labyrinth, but quelled it. It was her duty to protect the lives of other Fae above her own.

'Caìt Sìth here – near school,' she broadcasted the thought to every Guardian in the Onyx Labyrinth.

Everyone knew that the vile creatures roamed the Labyrinth stretching beneath the entire surface of the planet, but wards kept them out of the Onyx Labyrinth where her Fae Court dwelled.

Having a Caìt Sìth there meant a lot of trouble.

Daphne touched the live stone wall next to her and willed it to take the Elf and children away from the Caìt Sìth. She knew that the chances of the stone doing what she wanted was slim, but she had to try. Only Elves could navigate the Labyrinth at will – everyone else was dependent on the stone's fickle mercies. If only the Elf would stop panicking...

The black cat made ready to strike just as the wall swallowed it up.

Daphne cursed. She'd wanted to interrogate the creature to find out how it had gotten there.

Footsteps made her turn around.

Four Guardians approached stealthily.

'It's gone,' she told them through their mind-link.

One immediately went to the Elf and Court children. Two went to scout the area. Her commander approached for a full report.

Daphne knew this meant that they'd all go on high alert. Something was wrong with the Labyrinth.

It's been nearly a week since the Caìt Sìth had been spotted in the Onyx Labyrinth. All the Guardians had gone on recon missions throughout the Onyx Labyrinth and the tunnels they used to get to the human world.

But thus far there'd been no further sightings of Caìt Sìth.

One guardian even had the gall to suggest that the Caìt Sìth were attracted to Daphne since she was the only Guardian who'd had any interaction with the dreaded Caìt Sìth.

'It's been decided that Daphne, Kaye and Ruhan will go on a proper recon mission throughout the Labyrinth proper to find where the Caìt Sìth are nesting. Good luck, Guardians,' their commander said.

Daphne couldn't believe it. She was used to the Guardians communicating everything through their telepathic connection, but a mission as big as this one... She'd thought her commander would deliver the news personally.

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