She laid on my chest and fell asleep. I looked at her. She was so beautiful. I wish she was mines so bad. I combed my fingers through her soft beautiful hair. She started to shiver, but started to smile.

I laid my head down, closed my eyes and fell asleep. I woke up to a sudden stop. Anthony (Tony) got out of the car and so did Ryan and they switched spots. Lisa woke up and smiled at me. then her phone vibrated and I took it from her

Kaitlyn: did you tell him

me: tell him what

Kaitlyn: that you fucking like him dumbass

me: umm no

Kaitlyn: well you need to. that boy got real legit feelings for you

I started to smile.

Me: why do you think that?

Kaitlyn: I will stab you, Lisa. I don't care if your my friend or not.

me: this is Shawn. I took her phone.

Kaitlyn: wow dude. really now you just say that. tell me something do you even like her like for real for real or you just playing and why do you like her.

me: yes I do like her. I would never hurt her. I like her because she so beautiful and so sweet and smart and funny. who wouldn't like her. she's amazing.

Kaitlyn: oh OK. great. now don't hurt her. I got to go

I was about to text her back, but Lisa took her phone and read everything. I stared at her and saw that she was smiling and blushing. she gave me back her phone and I put it by mines.

I was bored, okayyy. I didn't really know what to write, but I think this is okay enough. But I just had to write it in his point of view. I am weird but you can't say you don't love me. Thanks for the votes and comment. And now back to a12b50 with the next chapter.

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