Wild At Heart

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Right, hi!

I began to write this story when I had finished my work in maths with a serious killer headache- but only the first chapter! I have proceded to right it time after time for the past three weeks- namely tuesday 27 this month after receving a murderous jab :( Okay, i'm blabbing, and I have dedicated this chapter to miss Sophieoliver61, who made sure i didn't kick the nurse tuesday!

Okay, bubye!

Wild At Heart

Chapter one

Ember's P.O.V.

Glancing around, I realised I was Deep at the heart of the forest. Home, I sighed happily in my mind as I lifted a paw off the leaf-littered floor to trot forwards. But instead of walking further into my dream world, I was stumbling back from my mother who was screaming merciless words at me, face red and vains pulsing as she stalked forward.

I was standing hunched in a corner, cowering, when her hand, shaking with rage, struck me across the cheek with such force that blood dribbled out my mouth with a cry as I was sent soaring backwards into the wall which groaned and shuddered in protest.

Slowly, I sat up to find myself in a dank, dusty room with the moth-eaten curtains drawn as I watched me, a five year old with tears streaming relentlessly down my cheeks, rewind the video in the tape player to the begining and watch the same thing I had been watching for the past three hours again.

The screen flickered gray, before the video started, the picture jumping slightly every few minutes. The video showed my mother laying down on a bed as she groped the sheets, howling in obvious agony. I heard my father shouting encouraging words, like,'Come on, Catherine!' and,'Push, love! That's it!' Mother kept grunting and screaming as she clutched the sheets almost desperately. 'It hurts, John, it hurts!' she sobbed as another contraction hit her.

She suddenly stopped and slouched alarmingly quickly as a cracking noise like the snapping of bones emitted from her back. Looking up shocked, she calmly said, 'I can't feel my legs. John, I think my legs have lost sensation.' But once the shock settled down, the realisation hit. 'Oh, God! John, I CAN'T feel my LEGS! I CAN'T FEEL THEM!' She shreaked wildly as her torso thrashed along with the heaving sobs.

It was eerily quiet for a few minutes, before mother gave birth to me. But instead of there being a tiny baby me, there was a tiny black wolf cub, littered with a sprinkle of gray and white spots. Instead of anyone picking me up, they stared at me in utter confusion. I watched the face of mother as the emotions flitted across her face. Confusion, shock, worry, loss, disgust, and finally, anger.

Glaring at me, she raised a shaking finger and pointed it at me as she screamed out in a strangled voice, 'That-that... THING! I-It PARALYSED me! M-ME, THE ALPHA FEMALE OF ALL TOO! That is NOT my daughter, I mean, I-It wasn't born human, l-like it SHOULD HAVE! THEY-THEY DON'T EVEN CHANGE TILL THEY-THEY'RE LIKE FIVE, ANYWAY! Oh.......OH, MY GOD, THAT FUCKER PARALYSED ME! GET IT AWAY FROM ME! I'M GONNA KILL IT!' She shreaked hysterically as she clawed herself along the bed to grab me, but before that could happen, the camra was dropped and it broke.

Gasping for breath, I spun around and recognised the place I was standing in immediately. It was the cramped space I hasd spent my childhood in if I wasn't in school or doing something sociable, so mother wouldn't find me and beat me, though she found me every time, but it will always feel safe, this place.

 I shaffled to the window to peek out, and made the mistake of being spotted my two hate-filled red eyes glaring at me. They belonged to a small, muddy brown female who slumped every day, every night, in wolf form and in human form. Mother...An ear-splitting howl of pure pain and hatred cut through the air, growing increasingly high-pitched-