15. Delcan

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Everything is white around me, maybe not. I cannot place what color it is because one time it is glowing the other time it is dim, and suddenly it fades to..to white.

Where am I?

I see myself dressed in a sea blue, boat necked ball gown. My hair is twisted into a bun with curls dangling on my exposed shoulder.

My prom dress.

Where am I?

"You look absolutely breath taking."

My eyes widen.

That voice. That admiration. That love.

I turn around and see him, if not better he looks more hot than he did on our prom night. Black tux with a sea blue tie to match mine.

Side wept chocolate brown hair that fall just above his eyebrows. Slightly reddened cheek and that kissable lips that now encase the most dazzling smile ever. His blue eyes twinkling with love.

His broad shoulder and athletic built that swooned every girl. The way he stood with one hand shoved in his blazer pocket and the other rubbing the back of his neck.


My Delcan.

"What? Don't I look incredibly handsome?" He teases winking at me.

Butterflies, no rain storms swirl in my stomach.

Delcan is standing alive in front of me. Breathing each breath. Living the moment with me.

"Please, don't flatter yourself." I tease back.

He fakes surprise but then grins at me that turns my feet into jelly.

"Well, I don't know about me, but I sure do that you are absolutely beautiful beyond worlds can imagine." He says slowly, with each word taking a step towards me.

Is it getting hot in here?

My heart beats rapidly as he closes the distance.

"Delcan." I whisper.

"Humm." He hums letting his eyes fall on my lips.

He is so close now that I feel his heat on myself.


Being the clumsy he is, he trips on an invisible stone and falls on me, sending us both on ground.

We burst out laughing. He rolls away yet lies next to me. Close to me.

I sober up, and lay my head on his chest.

The white background fades and the place turns dark.

The night sky comes above us, with the full moon that outshines the other stars.

His hands snake around me and holds me tight. Secure.

He kisses the top of my head while I grin like a lovesick puppy.

His heart beats beneath my ears. My head rises and falls with his rhythm of chest.

"Lil, do you miss me?" He asks after a peaceful silence.

I answer looking at the moon, "So much."

Don't cry.

"I miss you too, badly."

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