You're not Alone

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Note: updates will be pretty slow, unless this get crazy popular, because I have more popular stories to work on 😐 chapters will be short, but there will be many... Some may be longer though I don't really know... This one is longer than the will usually be. Also the middle and end of this may be weird, because I've really started to not feel good...
Also the reader is how ever old you want her to be!
Y/N=your name
Italics= thoughts

Your POV:
It was another Monday... I was working at the Mystery Shack, aka fake stuff the museum. I sighed, and looked around the room for something to do besides stand by the cash register.

Then a loud thud came from the other side of the room. I looked in that direction, but nothing had fallen, and no one was there.

It must've just been the wind... Or a bird hit the window...

After a few minutes Dipper and Mabel walked in.

"Hey, Dipper, Mabel, what are you two up to?" I smiled, hoping for something interesting besides standing , fake smiling, and breathing.

"Well... Let me tell you, it's amazing! We found so much more-" Dipper smiled, but then was cut off by another loud thud. We all looked at each other then I spoke up,

"That the 3rd time that there's been a thud over there!" I say, shocked.

"Creepy...Let's check it out, dudes!" Soos walked in and laughed, and walked over to where the thud noise came from with the Pine twins.

"Do you see anything?" I ask.

"Ummm... Well... There's a note.... It's addressed to you, Y/N..." Soos said, confused, as he picked up the letter then handed it to me.

"A letter? For me?" I raised an eyebrow, "found in the Mystery Shack..." I slowly read over the letter.

Why do I have a letter, and who gave it to me... Maybe they're still there due to the thuds. I'll check later...

I flipped the paper back and front... But all it said was "dear Y/N, " and also had a small triangle drawn in every corner.

"What does it say, Y/N?! Is it a love letter?!" Mabel screeched.

"I'm not sure..." I cock my head, then show them the paper.

"Bill..." I heard Dipper mutter under his breath.

Bill? What was Dipper on about? I mean whatever it was, he seemed very worried. Mabel seemed very concerned too. What did they know?

"Okay, did you guys do this?" I asked.

"No, I've never seen it before, but I wouldn't worry about it..." Dipper shrugged, but I could tell he was nervous.

Whatever or whoever this letter was from, I will find out who...

Dipper handed me back the letter.

"Pretty handwriting, though!" Mabel pointed out.

She was right, the handwriting was absolutely perfect.

"So... Mabel and I need to get going, tell us if you learn anything about that letter!" Dipper waved, then got out his journal and ran upstairs with Mabel.

"Yeah, dude, I have to get back to work.... Even though it's been a slow day..." Soos smiled then walked off.

And now I'm all alone, and left to stand here for the rest of the day...

"Ha, you're not alone, Wallflower~" a voice cooed from behind me.

I turned around to see a well dressed man, with an eyepatch, standing behind me... And he was f-f-floating?!

What?! Am I going crazy?!

"No you're not~" he smirked, "by the way my name's Bill, Bill Cipher, I put that letter there... It took you long enough to find it..." He scuffed, and laughed a bit.

"So you're real?" I tilt my head.

"100%, Wallflower..." He grinned

"Why are you calling me Wallflower?"

"You know, Wall- er-" he looked at my name tag, "Y/N, I'm a dream demon, and you're talking to yourself~" he chuckled, as he pointed behind me. I turned around to see a few customers give me weird glares.

"Hahaha~ nice... Well Shooting Star, and Pine Tree are here, so I have to get going, well finish this wonderful conversation after they leave~" he smirked as "poofed" away.


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