Uncle George's House Part 46

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8th September 2018 All Rights Reserved


Jilly's POV...

"Time for dinner Jilly." I heard nan call my name from downstairs.

So I packed up my homework and after having a quick wash, I quickly made my way down the stairs. Actually I went down by over stepping every second stair. I would have just slid down the banister like I usually did, but Nan caught me last time and gave me what for.

"Mmm. Smells good." I said as I hurried intot he kitchen to finish helping nan set out the dining table so that dinner could be served. She smiled at me as I quickly grabbed the plates and cutlery and set them out on the table.

"Don't forget your dad will be here tonight for dinner." She said to remind me. So I grabbed the extra plate and cutlery for him.

I was always excited when my dad comes over. He's what they call a civil engineer that builds things like big structures and big bridges of some kind, usually the bigger and most unusual kind that is needed to span some kind of gap like a gulf or huge valley. He spends a lot of time away. He always has.

Hearing the back door open, I swiftly turn to see my favourite person enter.

"Uncle Jimmy." I squealed as I launched myself at him.

I wasn't expecting Uncle Jimmy at all. He was always in demand in his work. He can't tell us much about it as he is under contract to the Government. Uncle Jimmy is a Mechanic. But we laugh at him when he introduces himself as one of those. People keep asking him to fix their cars that have a problem to two.

But he's not that kind of mechanic. He's actually a Quantum Mechanic, of the Physicist kind. In other words he's a scientist and a geek.

He's been fascinated with science and especially Isaac Newtons laws on relativity and other stuff  for such a long time that most of what he does can easily turn to that subject. Which is completely over my head, by the way. But I love him anyway.

When I heard the door open again, I turned to see it was my dad coming through it.

"Daddy" I squealed as I launched myself at him to, leaving Nan and Uncle Jimmy chatting away behind me. I have to get my hugs where and when I can.

Daddy caught me and swung me around. It was getting a little difficult lately since I had a growth spurt. I had grown quite a few inches over the past few months and I was only a few inches shorter than daddy now.

That was a feat too since daddy was over six feet. Six foot two inches daddy was. I was five foot nine inches and still growing. Not bad for a nineteen year old. I was thinking.

"How are your studies coming along?" Daddy asked me as we all began to sit down. But I quickly jumped back up when I forgot something. Going to the doorway leading up to the bedrooms, I screamed out.

"Poppa, dinners ready." I yelled out up the stairs.

"Young ladies do not screech out, thank you Jillianne McNulty." I heard Nan say behind me as she gave me one of her looks that makes you feel like you are in the biggest of trouble. But I quickly smiled and raced over to give her a quick kiss on the cheek before sitting back down as Pop came in through the door.

"Mmm, smells good love." Pop said as he gave nan her usual kiss before helping her sit down so that he could sit down too.

Then we watched as Nan stood back up to finish bringing over the pots and dishes that had our dinner in them.One of which was pot roast, mmm my favourite.

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