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Jenny's POV..

To say that the kids were uspet when they found out what their father had done was an understatement. Not that they found out from me. But it was obvious that the grapevine was running true to form and they found out from a few of the hands about the place. But I didn't say that this was also to mean that he didn't love them any less either. We all know he did, so they had no worries over his love for them fading.

They were rightly angry about what he did to me and our marriage after everything else. They were very angry about that and wanted to tell him so too. But I told them that it would not do anyone of us any good and that they should just leave it.  They also wanted to know if they could have a few minutes alone with the woman I caught him with. For some reason, I didn't think that they wanted to welcome her into the family. But I vetoed that idea they had as well. But it was mainly the girls who had that particular idea.

If Daniel knew the truth, these kids of mine were more violent than I was. He just never saw it. It was one of the reasons that I was able to keep us alive for as long as I did as we walked out of the desert back to River Ridge after the plane crash all those years ago. But he knows now after my little surprise visit to him.

I also called the triplets and told them that their father and I were having a bit of a break and what I was now going to do. I also mentioned that I was finally going to have some surgery about the scars on my face and arms. I wasn't worried about the other scars.

They will just have to stay where they are. I didn't mind them anyway. They were my warrior wounds and I received them in an honorable way by fighting for my, the triplets and dad's life. The second time anyway. The first fight's scars had faded somewhat over time.

Then I told Mum and Dad about going back to America. I also told Miss Abby that she was coming with us. She was the childrens chaperone, so of course she had to come. She did object for a while, but I said no objections will be tolerated. I was tired and I was leaving.

So that was that.

After getting in touch with the family lawyers and giving them my directions about the divorce, I was told that it would be an immediate dissolution since Daniel and I hadn't been intimate for over a year, which was the standard time it takes for the divorce process here in Australia.

So while all the paperwork was being done, I was also organising visa's and passports for the rest of the kids who wanted to come. Meaning that the twins wanted to come with me and the triplets were going to follow afterwards in a few weeks later when their holidays started.

And since we were also going to be out of the country, their Uni organised that some of their course units could be done online while being away. It was a win-win for us all.

But true to my word, I pulled everything that was in our bed room outside and burnt the lot. All with having everyone standing back and watching me without saying a word. Then I bagged all of Daniel's things, his personal ones along with his clothes and sent them off to him when the second plane was delivered here to us and the pilot was getting return transport back with a special delivery flight that was coming the following day.

I don't know what Daniel would have thought and it hurt too much to think of him anyway. I never thought it would come to this. But it did.

After a month, the papers for the divorce were delivered to Daniel, my signature on them where they all needed to be. All he had to do was sign them and send them back to the lawyers.

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