Chapter 1 : How it all Started

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•Garroth's POV•
Sunlight filtered through the part in the navy blue curtains covering my window. I tried my best to shield my eyes from the shine, but it was a failed attempt. Throwing the covers off to the side of my bed, I say up, rubbing my eyes with the heel of my hands. I wanted to sleep longer, but I knew I couldn't.

Aphmau had set up a three day trip for eight of us. Me, her, Laurance, Katelyn, Nicole, Dante, Travis, and Kawaii~Chan. She had already made reservations for the hotel rooms we'd all be sleeping in. The boys in one rooms, girls in another.

I started the morning like any other day; took a shower, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, ate breakfast. Just my normal routine.

Laurance opened his door, sleep still visible in his pale blue eyes. He yawned, stretching before noticing me.

"Hey." He mumbled.

I only gave a brief nod before returning to the bowl of cereal I had poured.

*Beep Beep*

My phone echoed through the silence.

You Have 1 New Message
Aphmau: Meet me and the girls at our house in 1 hour so we can leave!

I finished off the last few mouthfuls of cereal and washed the bowl. Laurance was just leaving the bathroom, and Dante was barely opening his bedroom door. Travis was already up and ready to go. I don't know how he wakes up so early.

"Laurance, Dante, you both better hurry up! The girls want us at their house in about 45 minutes!" I called.

"We have plenty of time!" Dante replied sluggishly.

I only sighed and went to the living room where Travis was watching TV. What was on surprised me.

"Travis.... what are you doing...?" I asked, staring at the colorful mess of ponies.

"Trying to figure out what is so great about this show. I've been watching for almost an hour and I still don't get it." He said, looking hilariously interested.

"Ok?...." I muttered, slowly backing away.

Not getting into that.

I spun around and was about to take a step forward, until I slammed into something behind me. Stumbling backwards, I cursed under my breath as my back slammed against the hardwood. It was only worsened by something, or someone, falling on top of me.

"Hey." Laurance mumbled, smirking, his baby blue eyes staring down at me.

"Heh... uh.... s-sorry..." I stuttered, blushing.

Wait....... I was blushing?! Why?! I don't... I can't... No, no, no, no, no!

Garroth, calm down. You don't. Just, breath.

Laurance pushed himself off me, grabbing my hand and pulling me up.

"You alright?" He asked gently, his concerned gaze traveling the length of my body.

"I-I'm fine. You?"

"Yeah, I'm good."

I couldn't help but smile, only to be brought down again when my phone went off.

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