In which there is a turkey

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Hermione didn't meet Draco's eyes on Monday and could barely meet the gaze of any of her group. What did they think of her? Had Draco said anything? Were they all remembering her overdose earlier that year? All of this stress made her itch for another potion. Only an hour until the next one. She could wait. She had planned out the time and place she could take her potion. As long as she spaced them out enough she would be okay.

And for the next few days she was okay. She kept to her tight regimen. She was beginning to feel the connection to her magic she hadn't even realized she had lost. If she kept this up, she would have enough magic to pass her classes. She would. Even if it meant white knuckling it the couple weeks left.


On Wednesday everyone was distracted and talking about the holidays while the Professors appeared oblivious to the change of atmosphere and continued to cram as much teaching into the day as wizardly possible. After the last class, the students seemed unable to get out of the room fast enough.

Daryn was tiredly packing up his own book bag. He probably was still trying to wake back up, Hermione thought. It had looked like he had fallen asleep in that last class. Or maybe he just liked having his head at near impossible angles during lectures. Hermione wasn't sure whether she wanted to start talking with him because she didn't want to have another chat about her triggers or potions or anything related to it. She still hadn't made up her mind when someone placed a hand on her shoulder.

She looked up to see Draco. Under his arm he had tucked an object, suspiciously book-shaped and wrapped in newspaper.

"Is it someone's birthday?" she asked.

Daryn looked up at the question and made eye contact with both of them. Draco gestured with his chin towards the door.

Daryn narrowed his eyes and Hermione frowned too.

"Malfoy, whatev-" she started.

"Just give us a moment, Daryn," Draco said, ignoring her.

Daryn looked between them and then at the hand Draco still had on her shoulder. "If you wish," was all Daryn said before leaving.

"Wha-" Hermioned started again.

Draco pulled out the book-like object and gently bopped her in the forehead with it. "Just take it, Granger."

Hermione frowned again but took the offending gift from his hands. "Is it a custom to give gifts during the American Thanksgiving?"

She started to rip open the newspaper but Draco's hand stopped her.


She furrowed her eyebrows.

Draco sighed and stared over her head. "It's the AA book." He rubbed the back of his neck. "You'll want to read the first chapter before the meeting."

Right. The meeting. She looked at book, imagining the cover underneath, and tried not to feel so negative about it. It would be good, she tried to convince herself. Books were good.

"You don't have to look so disgusted."

Her eyes widened. "I-"

"Do you have plans for Thanksgiving?"

Hermione pursed her lips. "Thanksgiving?"

"Yes, there is a meeting that night. With less people it might not be so... intimidating."

"No. I mean, yes. I mean - I can come. Where do you want to meet?" she finally finished.

Draco met her gaze again. "You're really not doing anything?"

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