Life with out me (bsm kinda)

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Who am I how long have you got I am someone my brother forgot I use to be a big part of his life then he started getting famous  as for me I started to become invisible non existent a shadow of his past life.
But what can I say About my brother that people don't know just one thing he let me go now I'm six feet under ground and he is no where around does he care apparently not as normal he forgot the other boys are at my grave everyday wishing I hadn't gone away, But Mikey he is puck rock let's not forget so having me in his life was cramping it now I'm gone he must be happy now no more bratty sister to bring him down Ashton stopped talking to him his spends more time with me I sit there listening intensely wishing I could answer him back but I can't I wish I told Ashton how I felt as well I hate having to hear his feeling and not reply back I love you too.
Mikey finally came down to me seeing Ashton  crying broke him as well as me  Mikey spoke telling me he was an idiot well yeah I can agree I whispered I forgive you but never forget me.

A/N: sorry guys if this really sucks I tried my best to make it Rhyme I hope you get the narrative behind it love y'all

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