Pink Hair Would Totally Suit You

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"Mrs. Hart let's be honest you could really upgrade your look."

Currently it was after school and her and Mrs. Hart was having a little disagreement.

30 minutes before.

I wrapped my arms around Mrs Harts waist

Jkjk you wish.

I wrapped my arms around Alex's waist. We were in the janitors closet. We were supposed to be discussing a science project... in a janitors closet.

Making out .....

Let's just say things escalated quickly.

I feel like I'm in love with this girl. She's beautiful, independent, kind, sweet. She's everything I could ask for.

I don't think I would want to be with anyone besides her. Well there's Cat.. but she's just a booty call when Alex isn't available.

Maybe I should end it with Cat and be with Alex instead but Alex's parents are always home.

Maybe one day...

I pulled away and looked her in her eyes. She bit her lip and smashed her lips onto mine again.

I pulled away once again and she frowned.

"Is there something wrong Riley?" She asked.

"I just wanted to look at how beautiful you are." I said smiling.

"If you want to make me yours you can just ask that one question." She said bringing her body closer to mine.

"Will babe one day." I said bringing my face closer to hers.

She pulled away though. She looked angry and frustrated.

"If you want to be with me so bad then why don't you just ask! I'm tired of having to share you with Cat! How about this? One day your gonna have to choose between one of us and your not going to like it."

She glared at me then came out of the janitors closet.

Well that day isn't today so...

I walked towards Mrs. Hearts classroom and as soon as I entered her eyes were on me.

"You really should look better when presenting yourself to people." She said.

I looked down at myself seeing that my clothes and hair was disheveled from making out with Alex. Boy is she rough

But I wasn't going to let Mrs. Hart insult me like that.

And that leads us up to now


"And how so should I upgrade my look Ms. Mathews?" She said teasingly.

"Hmm." I hummed and walked towards her. I rested my elbows on her desk and neared my face closer to hers.

I could feel her breath on my face as I observed her. I pulled away and replied.

"Black nose piercing, an eyebrow piercing, right to be exact because left would be where the nose pricing would be, a tattoo arm sleeve and also a tattoo on your wrist that says honey which would match my own that says peaches."

"Ooo and can I call you honey so the tattoo would actually make sense?" I asked.

"One day Ms. Matthews." She said and patted my head. "I don't need any help today so you could go home."

"Yas!" I jumped up and sprinted out of the classroom but I turned around and peeked my head through the classroom door.

"Oh and Mrs. Hart?"

"Yes Ms. Matthews?"

"Pink Hair would totally suit you."

She smiled and chuckled. "I'll take a note on that."


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