❧ Mind's Key Deception ❧

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You will do this. Vessel your mine. Time to wake up. Kill this man and be one with me.

"Light and darkness fight deep within. I'm more awake then I've ever been, it's you who's nightmare never ends."

Parcival lay there with such a look of sorrow, her chest tightened. "I refuse." My friend, my center you will be free, there had to be a way , there's always a way ...

It was like lifting a lead brick, she twisted it sideways, and her hands shook as Unnamed pulled her back to Parcival. Again, she turned the blade and pulled it a way. Unnamed pushed down closer and she pulled it back, a sick game of tug of war.

"Just give up already and this day can end. You can't fight him forever."

"I have to." It didn't help matters that the embarrassing tears were starting again, several splashed onto her hand.

Maxwell shook his head, placed his hands on the slab, and leaned towards her.

Merryn screeched and pulled back; the daggers wooden handle cracked as she gripped it.

"If your son was chained here, and this evil had you wouldn't you fight? Let him go."

She jerked to Parcival, and stopped over his exposed stomach. Someone had taken his chest armor off. Her arms shook, it hurt fighting the god. Minutes passed every inch of her arms burned and hurt but letting loose would hurt more.

Maxwell lips pulled down, and he clenched his jaw.

"Don't talk about him!"

He back-handed her across the face. She shifted to the side some, but still stared him down.

The light came back to Parcivals eyes, and tears streamed down his cheeks.

"I have failed you."

"No, you haven't."

She breathed in deep and tried to stare Maxwell down. Not that it would work, but hopefully get his attention away. A plan was forming but it kept running away at the corners of her mind. Olenus please, just let them live. Help them. She waited for the warmth to return; Olenus blessing.

Don't you get it you're on your own. It will never watch over you again, I told you you're damned, no one would want you if they knew, what you really are.

And what would that be?

The catalyst, my vessel, the spark.

Sounds stupid.

Her body stiffened and she jumped up onto the slab, grabbed Maxwell by the edge of his shoulder armor and struck his face with her fists. The dagger was still held by both, and scratched his cheek, drawing blood.

Unnamed wrenched her back down again. She stomped back over to Parcival, brought it back over his heart. She yanked a hand free, and snaked her arm under it as her left one struck down. The smell of blood filled the air, and a pain bolted though her right arm. She screamed and it filled the skys echoing.

Kar, drew in a deep breath. He took another swig from his vial and read some scrolls.

"How you manage to keep hurting yourself with Unnamed protecting you I'll never know," he said.

Her forearm was butchered from wrist to elbow a gaping hole. The blood pumped and streamed down coloring the snow, deep rich red almost black. It was a mistake looking at it, she leaned over and threw up. Well. This had to be it.

You're making me angry child.

Aww, is poor Unnamedy-wamdy not getting his way?

A darkness all her own tickled her. Something about all of this was just too much. It was odd but she felt like giggling, not enough air or something. Ah-hah and she still giggled. Woooh pretty colors in the sky-----just what was that dagger coated with? She tossed her head back and laughed. It was getting harder to breathe as if a weight pressed down on her lungs. Her throat tightened and refused to swallow. The endless chanting of the Acolytes quieted as did everything. She wobbled from side to side. Black clouds pressed their way into her vision.

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