Chapter 24- Donald Trump

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Chapter 24- Donald Trump

Dylan's POV

I look from Jennifer to Maya. I want to kiss Maya. But she doesn't want to kiss me. She said so herself, she wouldn't kiss me if I was the last guy on the planet.

Not that I care. Why would I care? Maya's just another girl. A nerdy, beautiful, sarcastic girl that doesn't think of me as anything more than a friend. She probably doesn't even consider me a friend.

I smile at Maya and she smiles back at me. I want to kiss you. No I don't. I need to get Maya away from me. I might fall for her and that can't happen. What if it already has? No, I don't like Maya. It would ruin my reputation that I took so long to build. Seriously, I slept with almost all the girls in the school, do you know how inexperienced most of them were?

Tip: Never fuck a grade eight if you're in grade eleven because they are horrible in bed.

I sigh, Maya doesn't want me to kiss her. I can't do it. I can't get rejected by a nerd in front of everyone. I know Maya will slap me or something. She would rather kiss Donald Trump than me. She said so herself.

I turns to face Jennefer and press my lips against hers. She puts her hands in my hair and tugs really hard. Ouch.

She tastes like smoke and fish. Ew, this is disgusting. I wonder what Maya tastes like.

Jennefer slips her tongue into my mouth and I go along with it. It feels slimy and wrong. I want to kiss Maya.

It's too late now.

After about a minute I pull away. Ugh, I need to wash my mouth out. I look to where Maya was sitting but she's gone.

Where is she? I turn to Sebastian, "Where's Maya?" I ask, frowning. Sebastian rolls his eyes, "You're an idiot, you know that?" He says.

"What?" I ask. "Maya looked so broken. She left. I don't know where she is but why the fuck would you kiss Jennefer?"  Sebastian scolds me. Sebastian never swears, he's definitely mad now. "Wait, what are you talking about?" I whispers.

Sebastian sighs, "Maya watched you kiss Jennefer. When you chose Jennefer over her she looked so hurt, so broken. I wanted to go after her but she seemed like she wanted to be alone. Why would you choose Jennefer? Maya is amazing, you should have kissed her!"

"She doesn't want to kiss me."

"I saw her face, Dylan. She wanted you to kiss her. There were tears in her eyes when she got up and walked away." My heart tightened. I made Maya cry?

She wanted to kiss me?

I stand up, "I'm going to go find her." I tell Sebastian and he nods. She couldn't have gone far, she has to go back to school on the bus.

Where would I go if I didn't want to be found? I walk further down the beach and see a silhouette of someone leaning against a tree.

The person is sniffing, "Maya?" I whisper. She goes silent. I walk closer, it is definitely Maya. She's crying and its because of me.

My heart feels numb. I made Maya cry. I'm such an idiot. I would die if I saw her kissing someone else.


Because, she is my nerd. Mine. She can't be anyone else's.

She's not yours, you idiot. She never has been. She never will be. She'll probably get some nice guy that loves her with everything he has and gives her everything she wants. That's what Maya deserves.

But she's mine.

She's not yours.

I want her to be mine.

That's when it all hit me.

I like Maya.

What? No. I can't like Maya. I can't like that nerd. She's not my type. I haven't even banged her before.

"Maya?" I repeat.

"Dylan." She whispers.

Her voice is so sweet and soft.

Its true, I like Maya.

I'm falling for her, fast.


Aww. So sweet. *does creepy face* so what do you think? When I edit the book I might change this chapter a bit because I'm not too happy with it. I'm glad Dylan finally realized. Now they need to kiss! :P Who ships Daya?

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