I walk back into the orphanage and see someone who I haven't seen in a long time.

"JAKE WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?" I ran up to him squeezing him.

"well my dad gave me up. said I wasnt good enough to be his son. but sky what are you doing here.. wait...they... I'm gonna kill em!" he yelled

"no its fine. I knew it would happen. but Jake you are good enough, to be anyone's son. I'm sorry." I say


its been a week and guess what. Jake was adopted he didn't want to leave me but I made him. oh and I colored my hair back to brown. but that doesn't matter I'm gonna say good bye soon. I'm gonna kill myself. I just give up now. I'm simply tired.

I walk up to my bathroom its 8 am. I have a knife in hand and im sitting on my bathroom floor I bring the knife up and stab myself.

I start to get dizy everything us spinning I see Alex and Jake and Sam. I see beau and jai and Luke and James and skip. I see my so called dad and mum. I get this overwhelming feeling inside me. I have blood all over me and everything hurts. but I know soon it will be over and ill be happy ill make everybody else happy.

there's colors everywhere. They say that your life flashes before your eyes. well it doesn't not all of it only the good times.

"Skyyyyyyy wake up babe" Alex sings

"But I don't wanna!" I whine

"Come on beautiful get up so I can see you're beautiful face!"


I was sitting on my dads lap playing with his hands

"Sky you are beautiful dont let anybody tell you you're not. you are an amazing little girl you're gonna go far in the world." he smiles kissing my cheek I squealed


I say there on the floor bleeding when the door opened, in ran five guys

"Louis go see if they have a first aid kit in the bathroom!" after Liam cleaned my cuts he asked me an amazing question that would change my life

"Would you like us to adopt you?"


"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" somebody screams before I fade away


its over peoples so sad but the sequels coming don't worry. vote people vote. I'll update when I pick a winner and do other stuff.

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