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Ring ring ring...

Ring ring ring...

"Pick up, gods damn it," I muttered.

"Why are you calling me again?" Annabeth asked.

"He... He..."


"He... Kissed me!"

"I knew it! Aggghh, now I owe Piper twenty bucks." I heard her muffled voice say. I was trembling as I held the phone.

"You... Owe what? Never mind, I don't want to know." I said hastily. "Listen, he just left."

"Yeah?" Annabeth said. "What did he say?"

"He's picking me up at one pm next Saturday."

"What?" Annabeth exclaimed. "He asked you on a date!"

"No shit sherlo-"

"Why aren't you more excited?"

"Because I'm a nervous wreck god damn it- it's still soaking in..."

"That's amazing Percy! All your dreams are coming true..."

"But Annabeth..."


"He's gonna regret dating me... He- he's too perfect. Why- why would he want me? When half the school has a crush on him? He'll regret liking an emotionally unstable teenager who-"

"Percy!" Annabeth said sternly. "You're such a seaweed brain! Listen! He's been your best friend for all these years! He's seen your worst, your best, and every moment in between. He loves every bit of you. Why would he ever not? You're sweet and usually somewhat funny-"


"-you deserve every bit of love he gives you! He wouldn't come out of that closet for just anybody. He chose you. Now you're gonna go on that date and seal it."

"Thanks, Annie." I said gratefully.

"Anytime. Now make sure he falls head over heels for you."


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