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Reina | Saturday September 7th, 2013 | 9:18 PM

I swept up the last of the stray hair on the floor when my phone started ringing outloud, disturbing the silence in my shop. I slid my finger across my phone screen and answered it.

"Hey Chy, how's my baby?" Chyenne was my little girl's aunt who was babysitting her at the time.

"She's good, she's fine but that's not why I'm calling."

"Oh, are you going out tonight? Don't worry, I'll be there soon to pick Gabby up."

"No, no Reina listen. We just got a call from the hospital... he's awake."

I stopped in my place, almost dropping my phone, "Excusemewhat?" I said in a quick breath.

"He woke up today and they ran all types of tests on him, everything's normal, it's a miracle case, he has no memory loss or anything." Chyenne was referring to her brother, Damien, who was the father of my child.

"Um... that's great." I picked at my nails.

"Look, I know that you're over him and over caring for him but I think you should go see him."

"I don't know Chy... Last time we talked, it didn't end on great terms."

"I know but that was four years ago Rei, things have changed, we've all changed."

"We've all changed except him. He's been asleep for four years, he's still the same person with that bad ass personality that I used to tolerate, hoping he'd return to his normal self, he still feels the same way about the situation and I just don't wanna face that."

"You don't know that for sure."

"I just can't... Not now."

"Alright girl, I understand but hurry that ass up and pick up this cutie so I can go see my brother."

"Okay, I'm on my way." I hung up on her and stuffed my phone in my purse. I turned off the shop and locked it up then raced over to my car. I sat in it for a moment just processing the information I just recieved. I can't believe he woke up... No one really thought he'd make it through... I still remember how everything that year went down.

I knocked on the door to Damien's house and he opened it quickly. We made our way up to his room and closed it, ensuring we had privacy. I was already feeling naceous and what I had to tell him was just adding to the uneasy feeling in my stomach. Even thought I was nervous, I had to get this secret off my chest, Damien has been so busy lately, spending all his time in that stupid ass  trap house that I barely had seen him, besides in school.

I toyed with the heart pendant he gave me for my birthday seven months ago in February while he looked at me. "Wassup?" He sat down on his bed while I stood in front of him.

"I have to tell you something Damien..."

"What is it babycakes?" I faintly smiled, I loved whenever he addressed me by my nickname. I was his babycakes and he was my sugalumps; he hadn't been calling me that recently though... It's kinda like we've been having this emotional disconnect and I couldn't tell why. In the eyes of everybody, we looked like the perfect couple having been together for two years now, since the beginning of our sophomore year in PS 192, and seeming madly in love but it wasn't like that lately, at least not on his part. Damien and I started out as friends, first meeting each other in our studio art class freshman year, but it quickly turned into more. From flirting, to french kissing, to fucking, we were always together doing something. It was so much more than just the attraction, he was smart as fuck and we'd always have the most amazing conversations, he was my best friend and I was his. Even though it was early in my life, I knew he was the one that I wanted to be with forever.

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