Chapter 20 - Day 1: Goodbye

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Tiny Love - Moss


"Would you like anything else, your gr-"

"No," I edged my head toward Fey and nodded. "You may leave. I won't need anymore of your services for the day."

Her bright blue eyes widened. She looked between me and the door before saying, "Are you sure?"

"Perfectly. Actually, can you do me a kindness?" I asked her in English. "Find out when the others depart from this world?"

She nodded her head and bowed before leaving the room. 

New clothes... They'd supplied me with some sort of new robes and dressed that I was intended to wear. No more shorts or pants unless I was in my room. 

My room. Thank goodness it was nothing like Bastille's cell. I had a four poster king sized bed in the middle of the room, white sheets of course. A window that overlooked almost the whole of the Angelic world. I could see three of the four watchtower's. The other one was far away. The "town" was a way away, guards everywhere. 

As soon as the verdict was said I was taken to this room and was told to bathe again, change into these clothes, allow Fey to style my hair into a whatever the hell kind of intricate braid this was, and... Put on a...

"Is that a crown?"

I spun around and sighed. "It's not a crown. It's smaller than a crown."

Bonnie smiled. "Like a tiara then. It's pretty. Is it platinum? Is it like a punishment?"

The thing went all around my head and rested above my forehead. It resembled white gold, it wasn't really a crown it didn't stick up or have jagged edges. It was thin but heavy. Vines ran all the way around it and small flowers and petals were coming out from the vines. 

"Nah, it looks like white gold. But it feels like a punishment."

"I'm not surprised." She chuckled. "You look... Like a God."

"Ha, ha." I grumbled adjusting the dress that reached the damn floor. "I can't deal with this, Bonnie help me rip it to my knees."

Fifteen minutes and a few rips and tears later the dress flowed around my thighs and knees. I smiled at my reflection in the large mirror. It was a white lace bodice and the bottom half was pure silk. The damn platinum bands on my forearms ruined it. "I'll probably have to do this with all of my clothes."

"Fey will help." Bonnie rested her hand on my bare shoulder and suddenly frowned. "I'll miss you, Alexis."

I brought her into my arms for a hug. "And I'll miss you too."

We hugged for what felt like an eternity before she pulled back with a sniff. "I've spoke with Gabriel."

"Hm..." I sighed avoiding her gaze.

"You going to tell me what happened?"

"I'd rather not if I'm honest."

Bonnie's blue eye narrowed. "Alex."

"He found out or should I say I told him about what happened with Cameron. The fact Cam told me about my past lives with him to dig up old feelings."

"So... you told him everything?"

"I told him whatever there was to tell." I moved over to the door and walked out making sure she followed. "Including the kiss."

"Ah, now I understand his sudden odd freeze out at the verdict. Heard rumours too."

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