Not Alone

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*Emily's POV*

I opened my eyes, noticing that I was upside down. This was not good. Also, where was Matt? I hoped he wasn't dead.

"Oh my god Matt!" I cried. "Matt! Oh Jesus!"

I tried to get out of my position but saw my ankle was tied to a rope. The last thing I remember was falling from the fire tower after presumably, the killer did something to make it fall down.

"Shit!" I said to myself, hanging back upside down after struggling to set myself free.

Too many things riled up in my head. Did Matt survive? Where could he be? And how the hell did I survive that fall? I was for sure thinking I was dead but I had no idea I would survive.

There was also another question that came to mind. How the hell do I get out of here? I was gonna have to think quickly if I want to make it out of here alive.

I suddenly thought of an idea. I saw a ladder that was laying down that I could hang on to. It would be like going on monkey bars when I was a kid.

"You got this Em," I told myself as I forced myself to swing.

I swing further and further to the ladder until I was able to reach it for me to hang on to it. The chain that held me broke, allowing me to break free. Now that was settled.

I was hanging on to the ladder then I was reaching to one bar to another to find somewhere safe to land on. Now this was definitely like monkey bars at recess.

I finally dropped down to a safer place. Thank goodness. The landing though hurt because I landed on my back.

Suddenly, I heard something like it was cracking or something. It was odd creaking noises. This was not good at all. I knew it wasn't good.

My worst fears were realized when the tower was breaking apart and about to fall down into the bottom of the mines. I knew this was bad. All too real.

I gasped as I backed away from the falling tower. Unfortunately, I was too slow and something came down and fell on my leg, giving it a cut in the process. The stinging pain had me gasping. I moved back more quickly before the tower came falling down and below in the mines. Thank goodness I was safe.

I stood up, trying to shake off the stinging pain on my leg, trying to see if I could find any source of light I could use. I had an idea but it would take a sacrifice.

I tore off the hem of my shirt, not liking the idea because it was a great shirt but it was that or I would be in total darkness.

"Oh god," I whispered. "There goes six hundred bucks. Better be worth it. I looked great in that top."

I found a log and wrapped the hem of my shirt that I tore off around the log then put it in a tin of oil. I then lit the hem-covered log in the fire and there was my newly handmade torch.

"Alright," I said. "Now we're talking."

I was clever to come up with the idea even if that included sacrificing the hem of my top.

I held up the torch and walked forward, shining the torch to find anything interesting. I heard a weird noise but brushed it off, hoping it was just an animal. I heard it a second time but it didn't even sound like an animal at all, let alone a human.

"Hello...?" I asked nervously as I continued forward.

I suddenly saw a fence straight ahead and went to it first, thinking I could find anything interesting. It appeared to be a cart on the other side. Something told me I would have to mess with that soon.

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