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The song for the chapter is Not Alone by Red. It describes the love of a person for another. But in the chapter, Tamara makes Ryder realize that he's Not Alone.

"Can you save me now?"
I am with you,
I will carry you through it all,
I won't leave you,
I will catch you,
When you feel like letting go,
'Cuz you're not, you're Not Alone.

- Not Alone by Red.

Beautiful song, give it a listen.

Trevor and I arrived at the party. It was already in full swing, with people grinding on each other and drinking. The bass from the loud music could be heard from blocks away.

Apparently, it was Mike's party. Mike was the guy who was Ryder's friend, the one who owned a garage.
Turns out, Trevor had also befriended this 'Mike' guy since he (Mike) was Ryder's friend.

"Trev, I don't think that I'm properly dressed for this thing." I said nervously, taking in the girls in short clothes. I mean, sure I wouldn't wear something that would barely cover my ass, but I would've worn something with a bling. Something appropriate for a party.
But here I was, dressed in a boyfriend jeans and a sweatshirt. I was probably looking like a nerd. Well, there's no problem with that, since I was 'actually' a nerd.
Never mind, I'm fine.

"You're looking alright, Tam. I'm gonna grab something to drink. And, you're driving me home tonight, so stay sober." Trev told me.

"I wasn't planning on drinking, anyway." I replied and he walked away after mumbling a ''good".

Two hours later, Trevor was nowhere to be found. And this was boring the shit outta me.

I decided to explore around when I came to the back door of the kitchen. It led to a beautiful lawn and garden which was not occupied with drunk people.

I went outside and sat on the cool grass, just admiring the stars and the beautiful flowers around me.
This Mike guy had one heck of a garden.

I felt someone's boots beside me, so I trailed my eyes upwards to meet with the beautiful face of Ryder Henderson. He was holding a red plastic cup in his hand, which, I assumed, contained alcohol.

He sat down beside me, his knee brushing mine softly.

"Hey." his husky voice said.

"Hi." I replied in an emotionless voice.
There was a long silence after that but Ryder decided to speak,"So, aren't you gonna ask me to not drink this?" he was pointing towards the plastic cup.

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