Chapter One

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The Night of the Follienuer

HIs soul arrived to our world, just as the brightest star dropped from its humble home. During the night and at the right moment, his heart was the purest of all and could tame the energy of the fallen star. Hailing from the lineage of the thunder god, he bore the Rune of Light Temple on his palm. He was born a sorcerer and his destiny was subjected to great and overwhelming challenges...His name was Elvin Rizah.

Chapter One

Two centuries following the last Dark Order, the sour odor of evil seemed to fade away with each passing second, but its footprints were harder to erase. The past had been swallowed up by time; the future was left as a mystery, or probably a misery...

Lightning struck the earth roughly, the wind sweeping between trees and bending the wet branches to leave a passageway. It lifted and tossed aside every object within its reach while the rain poured heavily.

"No village nearby!" Diana screamed over the sound of the rain.

Mary pointed at a large tree far ahead and said, "Yeah, I see. But why don't we keep out of the rain first?"

They both rode towards the forest, Mary and Diana. They were seniors at the Whispfort Academy of Sorcery, in a magical and hidden land called Griffenedge. The academy was also known to the people as the hope of light because young magic users were brought in and showed a better way to use their gift before being hijacked by dark sorcerers as a weapon to achieve or accomplish their evil plans.

The girls had been sent to Parama, a very large village that lies at the bottom of Mistonea Hill, which was located at the western part of Mongred Kingdom to fetch a particular herb that grew there. Their magic broomsticks landed in a low, grassy area. They got off and ran with their drenched boots to a large tree for shelter.

Mary rested her back on a tree, feeling exhausted and cold under her wet, brown leather suit. She folded her arms together to gather her strength and keep herself from shivering.

"I'm so hungry." She moved her wet hair to the side. Mary was Dianna's best friend and one of the academy's finest sorcerers. She had round azure eyes, luxurious straight black hair, and light-colored skin and was of medium height with a slim and curvy build.

She hailed from Gilvanea Island, a place in the east that took its name from an ancient sea worshiped by people of the dead religion. She was a member of a famous family known as the Pinkreld Xe'il. They were gifted with the ability to cause pain in the body and soul of their victim within a reasonable distance, and most of the Pinkrelds were skilled in sword. Kings and legal bodies summoned their services, mostly to torture dangerous criminals. There was a part of the Pinkreld power that has been lost for ages, that was the ability to force the soul of a human out of their body within a slow blink of an eye through severe pain. But it was so unfortunate that the island had been swept off by the mighty sea several years ago, making Mary one of the lost survivors.

Diana reached for her small, black waist bag and dug her hand in it. The leather glove she wore was made light but reasonably thick enough, making her search thoroughly till she could feel the wrapped piece of cake in it. She handed it over to Mary before closing the bag.

Dianna tapped the hill of her boot against the tree, letting her eyes wander but her ears and mind sharply opened to any strange sound. She had a sharp sense and a very brilliant control of her element, water. Her tribe's people were victims of the last war in the land of Misrah, a land that had been destroyed, exploited and left for the weak and ordinary people to dwell on. Before the war, the place was mostly dominated by the water flyr. The word flyr was from a dead language that meant "holder." The water flyr were people whose powers were connected with the water element.

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