Chapter 13

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*Chapter 13 2:00 A.M*

*Alison's P.O.V*

I heard crying again. I groaned. I turned. I heard more crying.

"Spencer. Shawn's crying again," I groaned.

"I got him last time. Your turn," He growled. I groaned and got up. I kicked Spencer off the bed. I walked to the crib. I picked him up and sang rock a bye baby to him. He cried. I patted his back. Then I gave him his pacifier and sang him secret love song. He quieted down and went to sleep. I put him in his crib and turned the mobile on. I looked at the clock. 2:00. My alarm went off. Spencer turned it off. I walked to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, flossed. and mouthwash. Spencer walked in and started brushing. I took a hot shower and washed my hair. I put on my robe. I walked into the closet. I put on my clothes. Then hung my robe up. I moisturized my face. I put on foundation, peach colored eyeshadow, mascara, and lip gloss on. I blow dried my hair. I brushed it out and put it in a bun. Spencer walked in. He brushed his teeth. Then took a shower. He changed into his clothes and gelled his hair.

"Shawn's ready to go," He mumbled.

"You gave him a warm sponge bath," I asked. He nodded. Then he walked out. He's mad at me. I sighed. I turned the bathroom lights off. I put my books. Living with the walter boys and 6 overprotective brothers in my backpack and zipped the backpack up. Spencer put Shawn in his carseat. He picked the carseat and diaper bag up. I put my backpack on. I grabbed my phone and, Spencer's phone in my back pocket. I put both our chargers in the backpack. I grabbed my purse. I walked out. I rode the elevator down. I grabbed my coffee that Emily was holding. I got on tour bus number 1. Angel, Cam, Spence, then our babies and I were on bus number 1. Then Emily, Alex and Dylan were on bus 2. I walk to the bedroom with Spencer and my name on it. I put my back and purse on the table. I walk out of my room. The bus starts moving. I finish my coffee. I go to the kitchen area and pour myself another cup of coffee. I sit down next to Angel on the sofa. I sighed.

"Tired Ali," She said. I nodded.

"Very what about you," I asked.

"Very. I got up 4 times last night. Cam got up 3 times. I got up at 2 cause James was crying and Cam refused to get up. So I kicked him out of bed he whined. After James was sleeping. Cam and I got ready," She said.

"Same here. Except when I kicked Spencer out of bed and he got mad at me and now he isn't talk to me. Where are the guys right now," I asked.

"In the T.V room with the kids watching a game and talking. You should talk to him," She said.

"He'll come around. Literally I have his phone," I said with a laugh. She laughed along with me. We finished our coffee. Then we fell asleep next to each other.

*12:00 p.m Lunch time*

"Wake up. Bus stop," Cam said shaking us. I woke up. I walked to my room. I empty all of Shawn's and Spencer's stuff out. I put Spencer's charger and phone on the table. Spencer walked in.

"Listen Alex and Dylan are switching busses with Cam and I," Spencer said. He grabbed a bag and put his charger, phone, and 2 days worth of clothes. He walked out. I walked to the T.V room. I saw James and Shawn sleeping in their cribs. I sat on the sofa. The T.V was on radio and sorry start playing. I broke down and started crying. Angel walked in. She sat down and started crying along with me. We heard the door close. The bus started moving. We heard rapid footsteps. The we were engulfed in hugs. The music changed.

"Shhh. Girls look at us," Dylan said. We look up. They wipe the tears. Alex walks back with coffee. We finish it.

"You girls okay now," Alex said.

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