Chapter 17: A Frozen Palace

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They walked along the roads, between houses, and through gardens. They said that this was the way to the palace, but for some reason she really doubted it. Meathil walked close to Eglanor but far enough away to be able to think. Eredhelil was alive, she was alive and a princess of all things. How the hell had she not known that Ostwyn had a princess? Or not know that the name of that princess was Eredehlil? Her mind jumbled up theories, executions, crownings, all of that had been done over the past ten years, and she was there for all of it. All this time the princess was there, at the meetings, at the royal decree counseling sessions. And yet, Meathil never noticed her, she felt so stupid. Then they stopped and waited as the princess made the guards pry open the big, ice doors.

"It's pretty cold right? But of course, we should act like we're not," Rivornor whispered to her, his lips inches away from his ear. It made her feel weird and for some reason, it made her grin.

"Of course," she replied sarcastically. She didn't know much about him, but some how she felt like his voice was familiar. Rivornor was on her right and Eglanor on her left. Behind her was a group of girls all of whom were absolutely freezing. Except Hyril was not showing any signs of it, she just helped warm up the others. "What do you think the palace will look like?" He shook his head and sighed.

"I haven't the slightest idea, although I hope they have a fire there. I'm swear I'm going to freeze into a ice cube," Rivornor laughed. It made her giggle as well. "I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens."

"Yes, I guess." Her answer was short and small, but it spoke thousands of words. Rivornor smiled at her and waited for a few seconds before linking his hand with her's. No she couldn't, that... It wasn't right. Yet some how it made her heart jump. Why was life so confusing? He turned to her with a large smile on his face, one she hadn't seen ever. He reached his hand, still linked with her's, up to chest level.

"Let's do this. And get through it, together with everyone."

"Together." The ginormous doors opened to reveal a large throne room with lots of silver and beautiful Venus metals that mimicked the skies. The floor was a lovely light blue marble and the walls made of white stone. She walked with the others to the others to the middle of it, and stood right underneath a large chandelier that was larger than the ship they just arrived on. Everyone was in awe at how lovely the palace was, even though the outside was windy and dark. No one sat on the main throne, which was made of silver and white metal. And beside it there stood another throne with was made of the same metal, except it did not stand at the same height. That must be Eredhelil's throne. The minute they entered she noticed a shift in Degil's emotions. She looked uneasy, just like the rest of them. But somehow, her uneasiness, was a hint different. Meathil walked over to the girl and gave her a hug, it seemed to clam the warrior and she saw the girls breath become more steady. Finally some one spoke, the words echoing around the hall.

"We will be escorting you to your rooms now, I will be taking a group, and her highness will be taking another group," Syson spoke, his deep voice booming around the room. Two groups? Well, the palace was big. "I will take Captain Meathil, Eglanor, Rivornor, Vice-Captain Othes, and Lengeth to their rooms. Her highness will be taking Hatolel, Hastel, Pengeth, Hyril, Thennil, and Deigil."

"Thank you Syson, I can take it from here. Please split up into those groups and anyone who was listed that I will be escorting, follow me," the hiss in Eredhelil's voice was softer and less present, but it was still there. They moved into the groups, and she didn't see her bracket, for the rest of the night.


This place, it was familiar, she knew it well. But she hadn't been there in forever. Deigil followed the princess through the hallways, dropping off girls as they went along. They were spread out do vastly that it would be hard to communicate with them. Her black hair flowed behind her as her highness moved faster. Why was she in a rush? They had dropped off Hatolel, Hastel, Pengeth, and Thennil already. It was only the princess, herself, and Hyril. The frozen walls and cold presence was all so familiar. She was still cold though. She shivered in her armor the whole way down the halls. The ceiling had beautiful designs on it and the torches on every wall were lit well. There would be no hiding.



"This is your room." The princess came to a stop at a lovely wooden door. It was white wood, carved with little designs on the border. She loved the designs, it made her fee joy inside. The amount of work the Ostwyn's put into their palace was astonishing, although it was not as lovely as the royal palace of Venus.

"Thank you very much your highness," Hyril replied, Deigil was at ease when she heard that Hyril remembered to call the girl highness.

"It is our pleasure. Make sure to sleep well." With that Hyril left the escort group and closed her door. Now it was only her, and the princess. Her body was shivering from not just the cold, but from being so nervous. She was... This was royalty who was escorting her. And every though... It still made her nervous. They walked up halls and through corridors, somehow she suspected that they were not going the right way. They kept getting farther and farther away from the rest of the girls. Really far away actually. When finally they came to a stop at a large, extremely large door. It was made of white wood like the others but had the Royal seal of Ostwyn on it. It was carved into the wood and made a beaufiful array of vines. Then the princess stopped and turned around to her. Deigil couldn't feel her thumbs anymore, she was freezing. She felt a soft furry cape being draped around her. She looked up to meet the eyes of her, of the princess. They were kind eyes, not mean or malicious at all.

"Thanks," she said. The princess smiled and came closer to her, and closer. And then, pulled her into a hug. A hug.

"Do you remember this place? Deigil," the princess said in a soft beaufiful voice that rang through the halls. "Do you remember the memories?"

"I remember, Ered."

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