Chapter 23- Sand

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Chapter 23- Sand

Wednesday passed in a really big blur of shopping and eating a lot. I went home with nine bags full of cloths. Most of them were from Forever 21.

Right now I'm in the bus on the way to the beach. Our school has planned a entire day at the beach with a private beach party tonight. They actually bought the beach for the whole night. I have no idea how though.

Dylan hasn't talked to me since the ferriswheel. He is way overreacting. I mean, he was the one that tricked me and then when I said I wouldn't kiss him he got mad and shit. No, that's not how it works.

The bus stops on the beach parking and we all file out of the bus and walk down the path to the beach. I take off my flip flops and sink my feet into the sand.

I put my towel down next to Ruby's under a tree and Ryan, Sebastian and Dylan follow us. Dylan puts his towel down next to mine and stands up, taking off his shirt.

I stare up at his body with my mouth slightly ajar. Damn, that body is just perfect. He has a perfect tan and- Ugh, I need to stop.

Dylan looks down at me and sees me checking him out. He smirks, "Like what you see?"

Obviously. I don't reply, I just roll my eyes and lie back down on my towel, plugging in my earphones.

I softly sing to the song can't deny my love by Brandon Flowers.


The sun has set and most people are dancing to the loud music playing or swimming in the dark blue ocean. I'm still lying in the same spot before, still listening to music.

I love music, its literally my life. Except jazz and heavy metal- sorry to the people who like those two.

Dylan taps me on the shoulder and I take out my earphones, "You want to join us, we're playing truth or dare?" Not again. Sigh.

I nod and stand up, might as well have some fun, right?

I sit down next to Ruby and Ryan. Dylan is sitting next to Sebastian and some blond girl named Jennefer.

Ryan brushes his hand through his black hair, "I'm going first," he says then he turns to me, "Truth or dare little Densil?" He says. "Uh, dare." I say. I know that if I say truth they will ask me who I like and that would end in a disaster. "Okay, you have three options. Give one of the guys here a lap dance. Take off your clothes and just leave your bikini on or make out with one of the guys in this group." Ryan says.

Well, the only guy I would kiss is Dylan but that's not happening after he made fun of me. Stupid Dylan. I'm definitely not giving anyone a lap dance. I stand up and take off Ruby's clothes, I've basically been living in them since she hates my clothes. I'm wearing a coral green bikini under a black loose dress.

All the guys in the group check me out including Dylan and Ryan wolf whistles, "Can I have you?" Ryan says in a joking tone.

I sit back down and see that Dylan is still staring at me, my cheeks go red. Thank god it's dark now.

"Okay, I choose Jennifer to go next." Ryan says. Jennefer grins, "Dylan, truth or dare?"

"Truth?" Dylan says. "Who do you like?" Ha, see, I was right. "Dare." Dylan says quickly. "Okay... I dare you to kiss me or Maya." Jennefer says.

My heart starts beating really fast. What if he kisses me? That would be amazing. But what if he doesn't? It would kill me.

Dylan looks between Jennefer and I. What will he do? I'm terrified.

He looks at me and smiles then makes his decision.

Oh my god.


Who do you think it is? ;) keep reading to find out xxx btw thank you so much for reading this far, I love you all. Hope you're enjoying le book. See you soon minions xxx

- Author Unknown

Lots of love and jelly tots- TPG

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