chapter 18

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"Lolo you missed lola again"

"Offcourse lulu" sagot ko sa apo ko sa tuhod na 5 years old

"Me too lolo i miss lola so much and i love it when she braid my hair" sabi nya habang hiwakan ang buhok nya.

"Lolo tell me the story again how you meet lola because i really what to heard it.
tito and tita really like it so much sometimes i heard them telling it to some of their friends" excited na sabi nya.

" well apo i cnt blame them because we really have a great love story." Pagmamalaki ko sa kanya

its been 6 months since Kathrina died due to brain aneurysm she die peacefully at her sleep. she still hold my hands when God took her like we promise each other till death do us part..

We been together for 40 strong years but i love her for 50 years.

We have 4 wonderful kids 2 girl and 2 boys now our family double. 10 grand kids and some of grandkids get married and now we had 2 great grandkids.

Sunday a family day lahat ng mga anak at apo ko nandito sa bahay namin.

I had a mild stroke last month so my family are very worried about me.

i have 2 nurse now.

Everyone make to the point they have time to us.

Kathrina always reminded them family is important kaya hanggang ngayon malalaki sila they dnt forgot what their mother told them.

Family comes first.

Nasa garden kami nga apo ko sya tabi ko so naman nasa rocking chair ko.

I look at her.

Magkamata sila ni Kathrina

Then i start our to reminisce our love

" ganito kasi yun apo as i start "

At 23 im still new in business.

I came from the bottom until i reach the top napunta ako sa isang lugar na malayo sa nakasanayan ko.

I aim to be number one in business world and love is not definitely not for me.

I didn't know i will the meet girl who make me fall inlove so bad.

It's definitely not love at first sight but attraction is there pero nga focus ako sa business.

Nang makita ko sila ni jennifer sa labas ng Pintuan ko i acted weird kasi i want to deny any attractions from Kathrina.

As day past hindi ko na nakayaan i was madly inlove with her.

She is smart beautiful fragile girl.

She have innocent looking face like angel.

Her eyebrows is thick and dark
She have a round brown eyes
Small and pointed nose
her lips is like cherry red like always invited me to kiss her.

Nang sabihin nya mahal nya din ako
Halos hindi ko malaman kong gaano ako kasaya.

Every day with her literally makes me feel more energized to work harder.

Its almost perfect.

Me and her i felt that time no one can tore up as part.

Then it happened.

When her mother knows about us
And told me that she just 17.

I was devastated.

The women i thought will never lied to me
Is standing front of me crying.

you're mine,always and forever.. (Complete story )Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!