Rogan's Omega

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From the beginning Landon Evans knew he was different, born as a omega his mother always tells him being different is special. Omega's are a gift from the Moon Goddess herself which will bring kindness and love to the pack. Having special abilities is just also parts of the gift, many call it a curse but Landon calls it a gift accepting who he really is, born as both genders, it gives him the ability to bare pups. As rogues come and destroy his pack killing everyone including his family, Landon is left with no choice but to run for his life.

Scared and confused, Landon gets rescued by a rogue Alpha. Hearing about omega's, Rogan wanted nothing but a omega to bare his pups. Capturing a submissive omega will get him close to his goal but didn't expect to rescue one. What Rogan didn't expect is the omega he rescued to be his true mate, resisting the bond becomes impossible for Rogan when just experiencing the first knot that makes his wolf go crazy. With old enemies from Rogan's past coming back to finish business, Rogan is left defending his mate at all cost even if it means risking his own life.

(Warning contains grammar mistakes so if you're a grammar perfectionist then this book isn't for you, this book contains male intercourse and also intersex)

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