Chapter Two -- The End Of Barry Allen and Stiles Stilinski?

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"Yeah, we were actually planning on going down and watching in person. But," Stiles paused, frowning. "Captain gave us a case that even Hawking wouldn't be able to handle." He rolled his eyes, sighing. Joe laughed and pat him on the back a few times.

"Well, that's the Captain for you." He breathed a final laugh as the elevator stopped at the ground floor. "This is my stop, see you around Stiles." He dropped his hand from Stiles' back and walked out the elevator. The doors closed and Stiles let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. He leaned back against the elevator wall as it went down another two levels. Finally, it reached Basement 2 and he exited the lift.

Stiles found his blue Jeep hidden amongst the swarm of other cars. He fiddled with the keys inside his pocket until he finally got them out of the tight, denim pouch. Stiles dropped the keys and they fell onto the cold, cement floor. With a sigh, he muttered a curse word and bent down to pick them up. When he stood back up, he unlocked the car and hopped into the driver's seat. Lucky for him, he didn't notice the reflection of a yellow suit in his window. He turned on the radio, switching the channel a few times until a song he liked came on and drove off into the night.

Stiles had been gone for over ten minutes and Barry was starting to get impatient. He shouldn't be taking this long, especially if he was just driving down the road for food. Barry looked up at the television, seeing a news reporter on the screen warning people about the wild weather. She also stated that the Particle Accelerator was still going to be turned on, even with the weather being as bad as it was.

The wind started to get worse on Stiles' drive back to the police station

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The wind started to get worse on Stiles' drive back to the police station. The trees outside were swaying viciously in the wind along with the leaves on the ground whirling about. Stiles rolled his window up when the rain started coming into the car, leaving wet blotches of dark navy on his jeans. He checked his phone for the time as he sat at a red light, waiting for it to go green. With a sigh, he read the time; 7:34 pm. His hand ran through his messy hair as he used the other hand to place his phone down on the seat next to him.

The traffic had built up and the storm outside certainly wasn't helping things. A tree had fallen down, blocking the main road which caused major traffic delays even on smaller streets. Stiles got his phone out to text Barry when he saw people running down the street, some screaming as others ran into houses and locked their doors and windows. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion as he looked at the other driver to his left. The car was still on but empty and the driver side door was open. It looked like a scene from a zombie apocalypse movie, but there were no zombies in Central City.

Stiles looked back in front of him to see a haze of orange in the distance coming towards him, fast. He couldn't quite make out what it was at first. The radio in his Jeep made static noises, but through the static, Stiles could hear a news reporter warning everyone that something had gone wrong with the Particle Accelerator. He looked towards the radio with fear swimming in his eyes. The warning finished with the lady saying that the Accelerator had exploded and everyone should get inside as fast as they could.

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