Chapter 10

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So today is graduation and I'm excited.Also today is a new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and they are gonna start it off with my graduation


So today is my graduation and I'm excited I invited the family and Justin.I finally told told everyone about Justin and I's relationship.


I was right now at the gym in the trill mill getting in shape for graduation.It finally time for me to head home for glam team to come and get me ready .

I drive home and saw all my sisters and my parents there getting ready for my graduation."Kat go get in the shower they should be here in a few minutes "Mom told me . I ran up the stairs and took a shower using my vanilla scented body wash and shampooing my hair so it smells like cupcakes .

After I was done taking a shower I put on a t shirt and sweat pants and the glam team came in with a candle "Congratulations "they screamed and I laughed .

"Oh my gosh thank you guys "I laughed and hugged them then blew out the candle in the cupcake and sat the cupcake on my counter .Then walked in my glam room with the glam team behind me .

"So what look are you looking for today "Jenny the makeup artist asked me .

"I don't know probably something sassy but adorable "I told her and she nodded her head.

Then Carlos walked in my walked in closet and pulled out a red sparkly two piece and my black pumps .

Then Lisa my hairstylist cured my long hair that was up to my waist to the the midd of my back then curled it to make it wavy ."Usually I would be mad if you cut my hair but since it looks awesome you can live"I told her laughing and they all laughed with me .

"Well thank you for sparing my life for cutting your hair "Lisa laughed .Next Lisa put a  nude lipstick on me which look so cool with my plumper lips and then contour my face a little and put a light red eye shadow on my eyes and then made a wing with eye liner and had put on my diamond hanging earrings and gold watch .

"Okay now go get dress"Carlos pushed me in the closet .I put on the out that looked gorgeous on me especially since I lost weight .

I put on the out that looked gorgeous on me especially since I lost weight

I walked out to show the glam team and they gasp.Then squealed and then ran out leaving a box of my makeup desk that .The box was wrapped and had a ribbon on it and said congratulations.I opened it and had collection of all the brand makeup .

"Omg"I whispered starring at it then smiled.After starting at it I put on my gold necklace and walked downstairs .

When I walked down the stairs everyone was done getting ready and stared at me ."You look gorgeous baby"mom said and hugged me .

"Thanks mom"I told her then hugged her back then while we were hugging all my sisters and Cait joined in the hug.

"You're growing up so fast "Kendall cried then that all started tearing up .

"Kat why we they crying "Mason asked hugging my leg.

I picked him up and placed him on my hip."Because they lives would be downgraded if I wasn't in it "I told him smiling then tickled him and he laughed .

After saying my statement Kourtney hit me behind my head ."No it wouldn't"she said then took mason away from me .I laughed then grabbed my black cap and gown that was laying in the couch and put it on .It really matched the theme of the Graduation because the decorations and cap and gown were red and black .

"Okay let's go before you're late "Mom said .

Here's the thing even though Kylie last semester was last month graduated and  she was being home schooled for the last semester.I decided I wanted a semi normal life and decided to stay in school with my friends .

"Come on Penelope "Kourtney called and Penelope came running in ,in a cute blue  dress.

We walked out the door and headed to the school.I noticed Justin was there walked up to him and hugged him.

"You made it "I smiled at him

"Of course I wouldn't want to miss you graduate "he told me pecking my lips.

"Well we better go inside then"I told him and we walked in with his arm around my waist

It was finally time for me to graduate

"Lastly our highest achieved student with an IQ score of 5.0 "My principal Mrs.Stacy  started and everyone started to scream."Katherine Jenner"Mrs.Stacy finished and everyone screamed louder and louder. I walked up the stage and got my diploma and smiled and walked  down the stairs and back to my seat .

"Well congratulations class of 2016 "Right when she said that we all threw up our caps .

"Okay promise me you'll come visit me in Miami"My best friend Jessica told me she was model like me so we kinda became friends like that

"Okay promise me you'll come visit me in Miami"My best friend Jessica told me she was model like me so we kinda became friends like that .

"Of course you're my best friend"I told her then we separated.

I walked up to Justin and he hugged me spinning me around then kissed me .While we were kissing I heard cameras going off and saw that it was my family taking pictures of me and Justin kissing.

"Ewwy Kat"Penelope said causing us to laugh and then Mason covered his eyes then Penelope's eyes causing us to laugh more .

"Go Kat "North laughed and Kanye and Kim shook their head and laughs at their daughter

This is another reason why I would never want to trade in my family for another

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