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"stitched you up, put you together..."


michael was a complete shipwreck when calum first set eyes on him.

they met behind a bar, michael slurring out words, his legs hardly supporting his body, gripping a jack daniels firmly in his right hand.

calum didn't know what lured him in, but he approached the boy with no hesitation or fear.

he lightly placed his hand on his shoulder, piercing green eyes meeting him suddenly.

calum asked if the man was okay, and as any drunk person would do, they replied with a strict "yes", trying their best to shove the maori off.

but calum wouldn't take no for an answer. he lead the boy to his house, and took him in, almost like a stray kitten.

it was just going to be for a night, but calum soon learnt that the boy didn't have a home, and was practically living off just stolen alcohol.

calum couldn't have that.

and so, he allowed the boy to stay with him, and someway, somehow the two began to slowly fall for each other.

michael began to demonstrate happier actions, and was obviously opening up, as the two got closer.

he was like a secondhand teddy bear, that calum took in and stitched back up.

but, if only calum knew michael's background, because then he would definitely not be a teddy bear in his eyes.

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