FOXE'S BOOK OF MARTYRS V11 The Reign of Queen Mary I. - Part III.

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Volume 11

The Reign of Queen Mary I. - Part III.

Published by the Ex-classics Project, 2009

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Portrait of Hugh Latimer


302. John Denley, Gentleman, John Newman, and Patrick Packingham. 5

303. William Coker, William Hopper, Henry Laurence, Richard Colliar, Richard Wright, and William Stere. 19

304. The Persecution of Ten Martyrs Together, Sent By Certain of The Council To Bonner To Be Examined. 21

305. Elizabeth Warne. 22

306. George Tankerfield 23

307. Robert Smith 28

308. Stephen Harwood, Thomas Fust, William Hale, George King, Thomas Leyes, John Wade, and William andrew. 58

309. Robert Samuel. 60

310. William Allen, Roger Coo, and Thomas Cobb 71

311. George Catmer, Robert Streater, .Anthony Burward, George Brodbridge, and James Tutty; Thomas Hayward and John Goreway. 74

312. Robert Glover, Gentleman, and John and William Glover, his Brothers. 76

313. Cornelius Bungey 98

314. William Wolsey and Robert Pygot. 100

315. Ridley and Latimer-Introduction. 105

316. Ridley and Latimer Debate with "Antonian." 111

317. The Letters of The Reverend Bishop and Martyr, Nicholas Ridley. 127

318. Life of Latimer. 143

319. Letters of Master Latimer. 177

320. The Examination of Ridley and Latimer 212

321. The Execution of Ridley and Latimer 246

322. Treatises of Dr. Ridley 252

323. The Peternot Profession. 289

324. The Death and End of Stephen Gardiner, Bishop of Winchester, the Enemy of God's Word. 291

325. John Webbe, George Roper, Gregory Parke, William Wiseman, and James Gore 300

326. John Philpot 302

327. The Martyr's Prayer 388

328. Letters of Master Philpot. 389

302. John Denley, Gentleman, John Newman, and Patrick Packingham.

A discourse of the apprehension, examination, and condemnation of John Denley, gentleman, John Newman, and Patrick Packingham, martyred for the testimony of Christ's gospel.

N the midst of this tempestuous rage of malignant adversaries, persecuting and destroying the poor flock of Christ, many there were, who though they were not spiritual men, yet thought to help forward, for their parts, and, as one would say, to heap up more coals to this furious flame of persecution, whether of a blind zeal or a parasitical flattery, I know not: amongst which one was Edmund Tyrrel, esq., and at that time a justice of peace within the county of Essex, an assister (as it seemeth) to cruel murderers of God's saints, who, as he came from the burning and death of certain godly martyrs, met with Master John Denley, gentleman, and one John Newman, (both of Maidstone in Kent,) travelling upon the way, and going to visit such their godly friends as then they had in the county of Essex. And upon the sight of them, as he yet braggeth, first upon suspicion apprehended and searched them; and at last, finding the confessions of their faith in writing about them, sent them up unto the queen's commissioners, directing also unto one of the same commissioners these his favourable letters in their behalf. The copy whereof here may appear as followeth.

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