FOXE'S BOOK OF MARTYRS V10 The Reign of Queen Mary I. - Part II.

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Volume 10

The Reign of Queen Mary I. - Part II.

Published by the Ex-classics Project, 2009

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John Bradford


268. Other Events of February 1555. 5

269. Correspondence between Queen Mary and the King of Denmark. 7

270. Bishop Bonner Commands Universal Reconciliation. 9

271. James Hales 12

272. Thomas Tomkins. 19

273. William Hunter. 24

274. Thomas Causton and Thomas Higbed. 34

275. William Pygot, Stephen Knight, and John Laurence 44

276. Robert Ferrar 49

277. Rawlins White 61

278. Other Events of March and April 1555. 68

279. George Marsh 74

280. William Flower 109

281. Other Events of May 1555. 119

282. John Cardmaker and John Warne. 120

283. Other Events of June, 1555. 130

284. John Ardeley and John Simson. 131

285. John Tooley 136

286. Thomas Haukes. 139

287. Thomas Wats. 172

288. Concerning the Childbed of Queen Mary, as it Was Rumoured among the People. 179

289. Protestant Books Condemned By The Council 181

290. Some Papistical Blasphemies. 183

291. Thomas Osmond, William Bamford, Thomas Osborne, and Others. 194

292. John Bradford. 196

293. John Leaf, Burnt with Bradford. 259

294. The Execution of Bradford and Leaf. 261

295. The Letters of Master Bradford. 264

296 William Minge and James Trevisam 367

297. John Bland. 368

298. Nicholas Sheterden, John Frankesh, and Humfrey Middleton. 392

299. Nicholas Hall and Christopher Wade. 409

300. Dirick Carver and John Launder 413

301. Thomas Iveson, John Aleworth and James Abbes. 420

268. Other Events of February 1555.

After that Stephen Gardiner, bishop of Winchester, had got the laws and the secular arm on his side, as ye have heard, with full power and authority to reign and rule as he listed, and had brought these godly bishops and reverend preachers aforesaid under foot, namely, the archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Ridley, bishop of London, Master Latimer, Master Hooper, bishop of Worcester and Gloucester, Master Rogers, Master Saunders, Dr. Taylor, and Master Bradford, all which he had now presently condemned, and some also burned, he supposed now all had been cock-sure, and that Christ had been conqucred for ever, so that the people, being terrified with example of these great learned men condemned, never would nor durst once rout against their violent religion: not much unlike in this behalf to the manner of the Turks, who, when they cannot maintain their sect by good learning and truth of God's word, think by violence of sword to force whom they can to their belief; and, that done, afterward make laws, no man under pain of heresy to dispute, or once to call in question any of their proceedings. Even so, Stephen Gardiner and his fellows, when they see they cannot prevail by trial of God's word, and discourse of learning, neither are disposed simply to seek for truth where it is to be found, they take exceptions against God's word, affirming it to be intricate, obscure, and insufficient to be its own judge, and therefore that of necessity it must be judged by the pope's church: and so, having kings and queens on their side, they seek not to persnade by the word of God, nor to win by charity, but, instead of the law of God, they use, as the Proverb saith,t? ??µ? ?e???? [Greek: to nomo cheiron] , compelling men by death, fire, and sword, (as the Turks do,) to believe that in very deed they think not. And indeed, after flesh and blood, this seemeth to be a sure way. Neither peradventure are they ignorant how gaily this way thriveth with the Turks; and therefore think they to practise the same; at least-wise so they do, upon what example soever they do it. And thus condemned they these godly learned preachers and bishops aforesaid, supposing, as I said, that all the rest would soon be quailed by their example. But they were deceived: for within eight or nine days after that Stephen Gardiner had given sentence against Master Hooper, Master Rogers, Master Saunders, Dr. Taylor, and Master Bradford, being the eighth of February, six other good men were brought likewise before the bishops for the same cause of religion, to be examined, whose names were William Pygot, butcher; Stephen Knight, barber; Thomas Tomkins, weaver; Thomas Hawkes, gentleman; John Laurence, priest; William Hunter, apprentice.

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