Chapter 8

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It has been a while since I updated so here is a recap:-)

"Sammy, open your blinds and come to the window."

I know I shouldn't go and check open my curtains.But curiosity gets the best of me and so I proceed. I mean this is the part in movies when the lead actress does something she shouldn't be doing and then repents sadly. But hah. It's not like I'll open the window and see a devil face hanging upside down smiling at me right? I slowly draw out my curtains, open my window and am rendered confused to see nothing. Hah. That stupid Xavier is pranking me and I being the dumb one acted along. I'm about to turn away when I see a figure approaching in the opposite window. I freeze as I see the familiar tall, muscular and angelic body with an even more angelic face standing there and smirking at me. He has a paper in his hands which reads in bold,

'Hello, new neighbor!'

I look back up to his face and see him flash me a smug smile. I almost groan but then I just stick out my tongue at him childishly and turn back and close the curtains. I can't believe the amount of love my destiny has for me. He out of the 7.125 billion people in the world is my neighbor. Even the idea of an upside down smiling devil sounds better in comparison to him. HIM.

Xavier West.

Beep beep. I don't even pick up my phone this time. I know its another text from Xavier. From the past 10 minutes he has been sending me text messages. There is nothing significant in them. Only annoying stuff. My phone beeps again and I've had enough. I rise from my chair and storm to the window. I draw the curtains out and glare at the boy standing in front me. He is smirking. Yeah of course he will be. This was his plan. Irritate me and get me to open the curtains and windows.

"What. Is. It. West?" I say glaring at him.

"Oh I just thought I should be greeting my new neighbor. You know they say neighbors are the ones that help you even before your family in cases of emergency?" He says with a lazy smug smile.

"Really? Help? Trust me Xavier if there are pyschotic murderers in your house trying to kill you with a knife and all kind of dreadful weapons, I definitely won't be the one who will help you. In fact I might even join them and help them."

"Tsk Tsk. You are breaking my heart here girl. That's bad." He feigns innocence.

"Just so you know, I can even break your bones if you annoy me from henceforth. And that's gonna hurt even more. I haven't taken self-defense classes for nothing." I retaliate with a smirk.

"Ah getting feisty, aren't we Sammy?" He replies . This time I ignore the nickname because I know its no use telling him to stop using it. I just roll my eyes in reply.

"But I can assure you Sam, that once you touch me, be it for attacking me, you wont be able to resist. You know this is something I've worked to achieve." Xavier says again pointing towards his body. I now realize he is just wearing a thin white t-shirt that lines his abs and a pair of knee-length military shorts. Boy! His body is drool worthy but there is no way he is knowing this. Ever.

"Yeah whatever. But I wish you had worked equally hard to get some brains and common sense. You know the world would have been a happier place today." I say yawning in a fake way, though my eyes avert again and again towards his defined torso.

"Oh let me assure you Sam. The world is a happier place because of me. Specially the female population. If there is anyone that needs to change. Its you Sammy. Try to change your name from Miss.Grumpy Always and maybe you'll learn how to smile." He says  aiming to annoy me at him calling me grumpy. But you are not getting the satisfaction Xavier.

"Well I'm grumpy with people I despise. So consider yourself it that category and at least being grumpy is better than being brainless West."

"Oh come on admit it, you like me so much that you just pretend to hate me. I'm sure its tough keeping your teenage hormones in control." He says and my mouth almost falls open. Is he indicating...? He and his ego!

"Don't flatter yourself too much West. And like you? Not even in my worst dreams, so rest assured."

"Ahah...You can't even seem to resist saying my name Sam. West West West is all you are saying." Is he sane? How else does he expect me to call him if not his name?

"Really? That's the size of your ego? And if you mind me calling you West, then okay. How about I'll call you Mr.Ego. That sounds too apt for you doesn't it?" I smile sweetly.

"Me and Ego? Never. How about you call me Mr.Sexy?" He says with a lazy confident smirk.

"Yeah I would have done that but only....You are NOT sexy." Lie! Lie! Lie! He is the sexiest person you have ever come across. My inner voice graces me now. So defensive of him huh? I thought it was supposed to be on my side. And about him being sexy... well... he is annoying so that balances stuff... I guess. I am brought to present when Xavier chuckles.

"You shouldn't lie to your own self at least Sammy. You know I define sexy." He winks at me. I hear dad call me from down. I don't have to time to reply his idiotic self-flattering words. I just scoff, rolling my eyes and then walk back inside only to see him smirking his signature smirk.  I draw my curtains and rush down.

I find dad sitting with uncle in the living room. I see uncle packing his small stuff. I sigh sadly. He will leave tomorrow. I force a smile and ask dad.

"Hey, dad. Is there something you need me to do?"

"Oh yes, uncle Jason wants to give you something." Dad says and I look at uncle questioningly.

"Sam, your aunt sent this for you. I just forgot to give it you when I first came here." He hands me a wrapped brown package. I open the seal tearing it up and see a very cute button up orange and yellow shirt. Along with it is a novel by one of my favorite authors- Mary Higgins Clark. The name of the book is 'A Cry In The Night' and I instantly remember telling aunt Martha once about how much I love this book when we were at a book store. I smile widely and mutter an enthusiastic thanks for the present. I decide to go up and call Aunt Martha and express my gratitude. Muttering my goodnight while gawking at the description I absentmindedly walk towards the step. I hit my foot on the first stair and stumble. Clumsy me. I collect myself up and then go to my room.

As I reach my room, I set the book and the shirt on my bed and take my phone. The first thing I see is a text from Xavier.

'Mission annoying you accomplished for today. See you tomorrow. Your sexy neighbor ;-)'

God! He gives himself too much of self importance for his own good. Huh. I ignore his text and call Aunt Martha.

After keeping the book on the medium sized book shelf in my room, I go to my bed and plop down. I'll have to wake up early now as I couldn't complete my homework because of unwanted disturbances. I really doubt that since I am a galaxy away from being a morning person. Ugh. Xavier Annoying West!

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