FOXE'S BOOK OF MARTYRS V2 From Thomas À Becket to King Edward III

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Volume 2

From Thomas À Becket to King Edward III

Published by the Ex-classics Project, 2009

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40. Life and Death of Thomas À Becket 5

41. After the Death of Thomas À Becket 34

42. Pope Alexander III and the Waldenses 41

43. Other Events During the Reign of King Henry II. 51

44. Person and Character of Henry II. 56

45. Richard I. Massacre of Jews at the Coronation. Riot in York Cathedral 58

46. Dispute between the Archbishop and Abbot of Canterbury 62

47. Richard I. (Contd.) The Crusade 77

48. King John 92

49. King Henry III. 114

50. The Crusade against the Albigensians. 134

51. Henry III (Contd.) 145

52. The Schism between the Roman and Greek Churches 169

53. More Dissensions about Ecclesiastical Appointments 177

54. Papal Greed and Corruption 180

55. The Third Crusade 198

56. The Emperor Frederick II. 209

57. The Right of Princes to Appoint Bishops 213

58. The Emperor Frederick II. (Contd.) 218

59. Frederic's Last Campaign and Death. Summary of his Character 251

60. Gulielmus and Other Champions of Christ 257

61. Robert Grosthead 272

62. The Wickedness of the Jews 283

63. Other Events in the Reign of Henry III 285

64. Quarrel of King Henry III and the Nobles 289

65. Prince Edward's Crusade 310

66. King Edward I. 319

67. Quarrel of King Philip of France and the Pope 325

68. King Edward I (Contd). 329

69. King Edward II. 343

70. King Edward III - Wars with the French and Scots 366

71. King Edward III - Matters Ecclesiastical 383

72. Anti-Papal Writers: 1300-1360 386

40. Life and Death of Thomas À Becket

Now forsomuch as our English pope-holy martyr, called Thomas Becket, happened also in the same time of this Pope Alexander, let us somewhat also speak of him, so far as the matter shall seem worthy of knowledge, and to stand with truth; to the end that the truth thereof being sifted from all flattery and lies of such popish writers as paint out his story, men may the better judge both of him what he was, and also of his cause.

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