Chapter 7

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I walk into work this morning and the captain is waiting for me at my desk. "Come with me." He says. I follow him back to the conference room and Agents Holmes and Yard are inside waiting for me. This time he follows me inside. The Agents introduce themselves to him again and we all sit down.

Agent Holmes starts, "Captain, everything we tell you must be kept within the strictest of confidence." The captain nods. "When we borrowed Samson last week, we told him that there was one survivor. He happened to make friends with her and we have him watching out for her up close." I look over at the captain again and he gives the slightest of nods acknowledging that he heard. He continues, "Samson came across someone who was trying to follow her home last night and contacted us. We were able to keep him from following her home, but we can't do anything because he hasn't done anything illegal yet."

My captain sits up straighter than he already is and leans forward on the table, "Why are you telling me this now?"

"Because the FBI wants to use Samson full-time until this case is solved. He will continue to come here every morning like he is still working here, but at some point in the day, he will have to come down to our offices to do some work. We need your cooperation on this. Come up with a special project for him or something that will get him out of the office without anyone questioning why so he can come to our offices and work." Agent Yard responds.

"I can just put him back out in the field." He volunteers. "You actually can't because that would require him to have a partner and his patrol car will be traced everywhere he goes and we can't take any chances." Agent Holmes replies. The captain sits back and thinks for a minute. It looks like a light goes off in his head when he looks up, "There is a support group for widows that was supposed to happen but got cancelled. It was a six week seminar and I was going to send Samson to it anyway. We'll just use that as a cover." Agents Holmes and Yard agrees with him and we make the arrangements.

After we are finished, I follow them in my car to the nondescript office building that we went to before. They take me inside and give me a tour of the building. Then they take me over to my desk where I'll be working and hand me my FBI badge, a new phone and a few other things that I need. We go into the conference room and have another briefing with the rest of the team. Some jobs were reassigned and I got a pat on the back for being on top of it last night. We disbursed and I go back to my new desk and got to work for a couple of hours. Then I go back to my desk at the station house and work there.


I wake up this morning happy to go see Mrs. Mayfield and tell her that I made some friends last night. After feeding muffin, I go for a quick run and then shower and dress heading out. I stop by a fast food place to get a quick breakfast on the way. I'm munching on my breakfast burrito listening to the music thump on the radio when I think back to last night. I think someone was following me until my security blocked them. I need to make sure that I'm more aware of my surroundings.

I'm glad that Samson was there to walk me to my car. I don't know what I would have done if I walked out there alone and he was waiting for me. My security is good, but lately, they've been at my house waiting for me when I get home. I make a mental note to talk to the Agents about that.

I pull up to the hospital and walk inside. I take the elevator up to her floor and stop by the nurse's station to say hi, "How's Mrs. Mayfield doing?"

The nurse looks up, "Oh! She's not with us anymore."

"What happened?" I ask panic setting in. "They released her from the hospital about an hour ago." She responds. "You may want to start with that first next time." I tell her walking away. Why didn't they tell me? I look down at my phone and see I have a text message from Akemi telling me that exact thing. She asks me to meet them at Mrs. Mayfield's house.

I get there and walk inside and hear her yelling at them. "I'm not an invalid! I can get myself a drink!" She fusses. I close the door behind me smiling and say, "Actually you are. You just got out of the hospital." All three of them turn around with startled looks on their faces. Mrs. Mayfield recovers quickly, "The operative word is 'out'."

I fix her with a stare, "What did the doctor say for you to do when you get home?" She clamps her lips shut. Akemi however, does not, "The doctor says for you to take it easy and not do anything for the next two days." She crosses her arms and gives her a look. I laugh out loud. "It's three against one. Just let us take care of you." I say. I look over and see Tyson trying to hold a straight face, but his lips are twitching up at the ends.

"Fine, but on Thursday you are taking me to the zoo." She concedes. "And on Friday, I'm taking all of you to a barbeque." I tell all of them. "Where?" She asks curiosity peaked. "Over my new friend Melanie's house." I answer. I want to say boo-yah! But I don't know how that would go over.

"You made a friend?" She asks. "Don't sound so surprised. I'm a nice person." I'm feeling kind of offended, "Actually, there are seven of them all together. First two of the guys came in and I talked to them, then their other two friends came in and talked to me. Then they bought in their wives for me to meet last night. That's when Melanie invited me to a barbecue they are having on Friday. I asked if you all can come with me and they told me the more, the merrier."

"I'm excited to meet these people. All of the guys are married?" She asks. "All of them but one. His wife died about six months ago." I start to feel that headache press to the back of my head. I close my eyes for a second and when I open them, I see three sets of concerned eyes looking at me. "Do you have a headache?" Tyson asks. "His wife is connected to my past and whenever something familiar about my past pops up, instead of remembering, I get a headache." I reveal.

"Do you want to go home and lay down for a little bit?" Mrs. Mayfield asks. "I'll be fine. We'll just steer clear of the conversation about his wife." I say. I walk over and sit on the couch by her and Akemi hands me a bottle of water. I open it and take a sip gratefully. "So, what are we having for dinner tonight?"

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