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Chapter 3:

*Riley’s POV*

 I watched my sister head to the door and swiftly open it with a warm smile painted across her face. In front of Nicole stood a woman with blondish grayish hair, piercing blue eyes, a warm smile on her face and she was holding a beautiful baby girl with blond hair and blue eyes and behind them stood five boys; but they weren’t just random boys no they were five boys that had girls crying over them all over the world…they were the 5 lads of One Direction. I obviously knew who they were since everyone all over the world is talking about how amazing they are and what not and then I recognized the woman as Lou Teasdale also known as One Direction’s hair and makeup stylist and the toddler in her arms is her daughter Lux. I was soon pulled out of my trance when I heard my sister say “Come on in” They all walked in and Nicole said “Hi! I am Nicole Riley’s older sister” and then Lou said “Hey it’s nice to meet you Nicole and Riley, this is my daughter Lux and I am Lou and these boys are Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Niall” She pointed to each lad as she introduced them.

“Hey guys nice to meet you” I replied. They all greeted us back then Nicole said” Why don’t we go eat dinner? Riley is a splendid cook and she prepared a nice dinner for you guys.”

We all went and sat in the dining room. I sat between Zayn and Nicole and on Nicole’s other side sat Niall; in front of us sat Liam, Louis, Harry, and Louise with Lux beside her. We all started digging in the chicken Alfredo pasta that I made with ceaser salad on the side and iced lemonade that I made.  

“Oh my god! This is really good Riley” said Liam after he chewed and swallowed his first forkful of pasta.

“The best chicken Alfredo pasta ever!” added Niall and Louis as they ate.

“Babe, this is really good!” said Harry and then Zayn said “Nicole wasn’t kidding when she said that you can cook” and Lou said “Your cooking is so much better than mine!” while Lux just giggled and clapped her hands which was extremely adorable might I add.

“Thanks” I said eager to change the subject as I felt a blush rise on my cheeks.

“Aw! Babygirl you are blushing!” said Zayn which only made me blush more as I didn’t like to have a lot of attention and the fact that Zayn just called me babygirl. Zayn chuckled and gave my cheek a quick kiss.

I giggled in return and Lou then said “ So Riley tell us about yourself”

“Well my name is Riley Emerald Stone, I am 15 years old. I have a sister called Nicole; she is 21. My favorite color is blue and I worked in a nursery before so I am experience with children and I can cook. Also I love animals and I am scared of thunder storms”. I said all in one breath

“That’s great!” said Louise

“So do you guys live alone?” asked Niall

“Yeah I am Riley’s legal guardian because our parents died in a house fire” replied Nicole as she tried to prevent the tears from spilling down her cheeks. I gently touched her hand to comfort her and tried to prevent the tears myself.

“Wait! That’s where I recognize you from! You are Peter Stone’s daughters! Oh my I read about what happened I am so sorry for your loss but they are in a better place right now and they are looking down and you guys and protecting you” said Harry.

I weakly smiled at him and we all continued eating.

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