Author’s Note:

For all the sad songs… for all my heart-breaking lines, For the story of a girl who had the courage to tell someone that she likes him as a person, For the story of a girl who got the pain of a freaking rejection and became a f*cking rebound, For the story of a girl who had the strength to move on and write… You’ve changed a lot. For the better.

+Siel Alstreim+

Soundtrack: Breathe Again by Sara Bareilles

Chapter 39: To Use and To be Used

“Can you, guys, enlighten us about that Elixir of Life?” Tanong ni Jamie. 30 minutes before curfew and we were on that part near the entrance of Nightwoods. Everything was already planned. Jin and I would enter the Nightwoods and meet Detective Penber while Mirden and Jamie would serve as the look-out. Kung meron lang akong pagpipilian, ayokong pumasok sa lugar na ito. But looking at Mirden and Jamie, they seemed even more terrified at the thought of entering a crime scene.

“It should be classified information, Jamie. Remember when I was kidnapped?” Mirden filled them both about EOL. I didn’t listen. It wasn’t like I wanted to hear it again and again. It was classified information.

Mirden and I were witnesses but it wasn’t enough for the police to work with. What they needed was concrete evidence that such drug existed. Mangilan-ngilan lang sa mga pulis ang nakakaalam tungkol rito. At si Detective Penber na yata ang pinaka-obssessed sa kasong ito. Kahit nakakairita ang ugali niya at isa siyang malaking manggagamit, it was still good that he didn’t give up on this yet. He was obsessed with the Freniere Mafia. And with recent events, the Elixir of Life also gained his interest. I know that he was just using us but we also need him. I guess people were really users.

“Jin, we’re running out of time,” may kaba sa dibdib kong sabi. He grabbed my hand and I looked at him questioningly pero hindi na ako kumontra pa. Mukhang kakailanganin ko rin ng lakas. The Nightwoods was the place of my nightmares. We were about to leave nang may magsalita sa di-kalayuan.

“Summer, I can’t let you go in there without me,” seryosong wika ni Makki at lumapit sa amin. Nagsukatan sila ng tingin ni Jin. It smelled like trouble. Agad akong pumagitna sa kanila. Hindi ito ang tamang oras para mag-away.

“Makki, you don’t understand. Kailangan naming gawin ito,” wika ko. Of all the people in Montello High, he was one of the few I knew I could trust. But seeing him made me remember that person. And thinking of that person distracts me.

“I will come with you. Kung ano man ang kailangan mong gawin, just do it. Basta kasama mo ako.” He paused for a while before continuing. “Tyler was like a little brother to me. And Van is a brother to me. I miss them both and I know—I know that they would expect me to protect you,” determinado niyang sabi. Naramdaman ko ang pagpisil ni Jin sa palad ko. I looked up at him.

“Let him go with us. Wala rin naman tayong ibang choice,” ani Jin.

Tumingin ako kay Makki at saka tumango. I silently prayed for everything to go well. This was the point where you couldn’t trust anyone outside the circle but we have to go through it. This time, maybe Mrs. Montgomery was right. That there were times when I just have to follow my guts and not think at all. I could trust Makki. And if ever my decision was wrong, I would show him what happens to people who break my trust.

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