Love or Lies

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Y/N Y/LN has been a part of Sixth Harmony since the beginning and has been dating her bandmate, Lauren Jauregui, since they were all signed up to Syco and Epic Records.

But what if she didn't want to be a part of the group? What if she wanted to be a solo artist?

Y/N's dream was to be a solo artist, not be in a girlband. The music they produce isn't the music she wanted to make. The clothes she had to wear wasn't her. Everything about her in the band wasn't real. She didn't want to be a part of it and her bandmates knew that since the beginning.

Y/N didn't fit well with the other five. She, her family, her bandmates families, and everyone in the fandom knew it. Harmonizers called her the mystery girl of the group considering you were always so secretive. You didn't tell everything to Lauren either.

The only reason why you were in the group was because Simon and L.A. forced you to. If you didn't, they said they would make sure you didn't get into any other record label. You fear their threat and stayed with the five friends you've made but didn't want to be with.

January 2015 and the Reflection album is going to be released. What happens when a bunch of shit goes down, causing you and Lauren to break up and you leaving the band finally to become a solo artist?

What happens when you meet them again in 2016 after you've become very successful as a solo artist and they tell you they're all in love with you? Do you think they're really in love with you, or are they telling you a lie?

Tell me what you guys think!
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