We meet again ❤️

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Lilly pov
Today's the day I've been waiting for since I left LA to go back to Canada! I get to see my handsome boyfriend Yousef ;)

Yousef pov
I left to the airport to go get my beautiful girlfriend Lilly Singh <3 once I arrived I was early so I decided to read through my social media TWEET: At the airport to Pick up Lilly after not seeing this beautiful girl for 3 months can't wait! @ superwoman . I got out of my car and went to wait for Lilly.

Lilly pov
As I was walking to pick up my bag I read yousef tweet and retweeted it right away. I can't wait to kiss this man again after 3 months. As I was walking toward the door to exit the airport I saw him. I ran to him and jumped in is arms and gave him the longest kiss before we needed air. We stood there for a few minutes hugging as I calmed down by his comfort he let go and wiped away my tears, I missed you so much Yousef I say to him. Then we left to his apartment since I sold mine when I went back to Canada. I can't wait to see dollar and muffin!

Yousef pov-
We got to my apartment and the first thing that Lilly does is say hi to dollar and muffin. A few minutes later I ask her what she wants to do she says Netflix and I say chill right after ;) she takes my hand and leads me to the couch and we watched an episode of oitnb and let's say the chill part happened a few minutes into the show...

- Hey everyone thanks for reading! Recently fell in love with the yoully ship so I decided to right a fan fic :) please vote and comment for if I should carry on byeee :)  ps not the best writer sorry.

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