The rest of the day goes quickly as I am completely withdrawn from the world and fully enveloped in the manuscript which ended terribly sad and left me incredibly heartbroken. With tears staining my cheeks, I leave for the day and head home. I haven't heard from Harry once since I left him asleep and grumpy in bed and Trevor words keep replaying in my mind. He just had to bring up weddings and marriage at the worst possible time to do so. I need a distraction from my pestering thoughts, sometimes I wish I could just shut my mind off like other people seem to. I don't like that I overthink everything but I can't help it. It is who I am and now all I can think of is Harry and I not having a future.

I really need to do something to get my mind off of obsessing over this, he is who he is and he doesn't want to ever get married or have children. This is one of those times that I wish I had some friends to go hang out with, maybe I will call Steph after I go to Conner's to get groceries and do a load of laundry. Harry and Liam will be going to the hockey game tonight, I hope that goes well.

When I arrive at the apartment Harry is pacing back and forth in the bedroom.

"Hey." I say as I enter the room.

"Hey. How was your day?" He sits down on the edge of the bed.

"It was okay, I guess."

"What's wrong?" Harry turns his head to look at me.

"The manuscript I read today was so sad, incredible but so heartbreaking." I say, trying not to get emotional again.

"Oh, it must have been good if you are still upset about it. I would hate to have been there the first time you read A Farewell to Arms." He smiles and I sit down next to him.

"This was worse, so much worse." I say and he grabs ahold of my shirt, pulling me to lay my head on his shoulder.

"My sensitive girl." He speaks, running his fingers up and down my spine.

The way the words sound make my stomach flutter, to be called 'my girl' in any form makes me much happier than it should.

"Did you even go to classes today?" I ask Harry.

"Nope. Watching the kid wore me out."

"By watching the kid you mean watching television with him."

"Same thing. I did more than you did."

"So you like him then?" I'm not sure why I am asking this.

"No, well as far as annoying children go, he isn't at the top of the list but I won't be planning any play dates soon." He smiles.

I roll my eyes but don't say anything else about Smith.

"Are you ready for the game tonight?" I look up at him.

"No, I already told him I am not going." He tells me.

"Harry! You have to go." I shriek.

"I am teasing.. he will be here soon. You owe me for this shit, Tess." Harry groans.

"You like hockey though, and Liam is good company."

"Not as good of company as you." He kisses my cheek.

"You are in a good mood for someone who acts like they are being lead to slaughter."

"If this goes badly, I won't be the one who is slaughtered."

"You better be nice to Liam tonight." I warn him.

He raises his hands to mock innocence but I know better. A knock is heard at the door and Harry stays put.

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