I ran my fingers through my hair, eyeing the twenty-eight students watching me stand in the front of the room. I picked up a copy of 'the great gatsby' "So... we will be reading a novel by-" I was rudely interrupted by Harry slamming the door open.

"Miss.. Uh- um.." He looked out side my door for my name "Miss. Richards. I need to talk to you, outside please." he looked over his shoulder gesturing to the hallway.

I nodded and looked back at my class "Please excuse me for a moment, class." I walked tom the door and looked back once more before stepping into the hallway and shutting the door.

"Yes?" I raised one of my eyebrows. Why did he want to talk? He didn't attempt 'small talk' in the lounge, he just complained about random shit around and left.

"We have a meeting later. I just thought you should know. All English teachers are required to be there." he informed me. He had rather large hands I noticed when he ran his fingers through his hair. I smiled genuinely in appreciation before turning around to continue teaching. but Harry's awkward cough stopped me. "And, um- I'm sorry. I know I was a bit of a... dick earlier."

I could see through his eyes that he sort of meant it, somewhat. I slowly nodded my head "I'll be there. But I'm just still a bit unsure of the building, I don't know where to go." I nervously bit my lip.

I looked at his lips to see him harshly biting his lower one. "Um, I guess I could escort you to the meeting." I felt awkward in situations like this. I never know what to say. I nervously tugged on the ends of my hair. He eyed me curiously, as if wondering what I was doing.

I gave him a small smile. "I've left my class too long. I should probably get back to them." I looked through the small window seeing everyone chatting with their friends, well I could hear them in the hallway.

He looked over my shoulder into the classroom. He laughed, "Yeah. I think it's time you did." he slightly cracked my classroom door open, "Sorry for interrupting"

I nodded my head once and walked back into my room. "Sorry about that. Where was I?"

I heard a boy-ish voice shout from the back of the room, "Get some Miss. R!"

My mouth dropped open in disgust as all of the other children giggled quietly to themselves, there was no way I was letting this kid have the last word. "And you can 'get some' extra work for later, because you'll be doing it in detention."


I finally got through all nine of my classes today. Nine classes. I Have to say, none of them were as bad as I thought they'd be.

I put my laptop In its bag and walked out to the hallway to meet Harry. When I shut my door he was just walking out of his.

"Hi, Lowri." he said, giving me a harsh yet fake smile. He slung his laptop bag over his shoulder, walking over to me.

I have to admit, that white dress shirt fit him well, tight in all the right places, his tie from earlier slightly loosened. "Hey, Mr Styles. Where is this meeting anyways?" I did want to know where I was going, for future reference.

"For today, the library. It will probably change next time." he told me. Next time? Maybe if he continues to act like this, I'll walk with him every time. "How was your first day? I know some of the students can be quite intimidating." he was attempting to make small talk. I appreciated it. But honestly, he was the only one intimidating me.

"My classes were fine. I didn't really have a class I didn't like. It was just my first day. I'm sure you remember how that was." I nervously laughed. I felt like I couldn't really be myself around him, which was normal, I barley knew him. But I'm sure a big part of my personality change around him was because of his bluntness. "Do you teach tenth as well?" I asked as we descended a flight of steps, then taking a right.

"Well yes, but this meeting is for all English teachers, in the whole school." he stopped in front of large glass double doors. He pushed the door opened and gestured for me to enter.

I mumbled a small 'thank you' before following the voices further into the room. I could feel Harry's presence behind me, I felt.... Safe?

"Harry!" one of the men cheered, he was dressed nice. He had blonde hair styled up in a quiff, grey dress pants and black shirt with a red tie. He stood from his chair and walked over to Harry.

"Hi, Niall." Harry said, extending his right arm out and Niall gradually shook it.

Niall looked over at me, eyebrows raised as he glanced at me and Harry back and forth, smirking as he did. "Harry, I didn't know you had your eyes on the new teacher."

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