Chapter One

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[Lily's POV]

I dreaded when this day would come. The day that I would be sold off like some animal and be owned like a pet. I longed to go back to the time that vampires did not rule the world, when they were just a myth; when they lived hiding in the shadows, like we do now.

I remember when I was thirteen; still young and naïve. I remember watching TV that one night oblivious to anything in the outer world. It was just a normal Saturday night for me and as always I had spread myself out on the couch with a bag of Doritos in one hand and the remote in another. I remember my eyes glued to the screen as I watched the news, awed.

"Another city has fallen to the vampires. The US military is trying the best they can at defending the country, but I think that by now, most of us have lost hope. The whole west coast is taken over with vampires killing thousands of civilians each day. Word has spread that they are coming right here to New York-"

"Lily, what are you watching?" My grandmother's jaw practically hit the floor as she saw what I was watching. "No, don't watch that."  She searched for the remote which was carefully tucked under my arm as I continued watching.

I covered my mouth with my hand as suddenly the man's head was shoved onto the desk, his papers flying out of his hands. A teen age boy-quite good-looking- had the reporters neck trapped between his hands. His blue eyes narrowed at the screen sending looks that could kill before a wicked smile grew on his lips. Shivers went down my spine as he began to speak.

"Citizens of New York City, my name is Louis Tomlinson. I am a vampire, one of the finest in the world. I herby declare that New York-all of it-is ours. My men have already taken care your pitiful defenses so do not try to run. There is no where to hide now, as all other states-countries-are ruled by vampires. If you try to leave, you will be slaughtered."

I watched 'Louis' release the man who gasped for air. He trembled noticeably his arms wiggling as if they were noodles. Tears were already running down his face as Louis grabbed at his shirt, lifting him off the ground. He gave the camera another wicked smile before facing the reporter.

"What's your name human?" Louis asked.

"C-chuck. Please don't hurt me Louis-"

"King Louis!!" Louis bellowed before his hand went flying across the mans cheek. Chuck let out a cry of pain before whimpering.

"Chuck, I'd like you to be my lab rat for the moment."

"L-lab rat? Like an e-experiment?!" Louis nodded at him before tilting his chin up so that the mans eyes were in clear view of the camera.

"Now, ladies and gentlemen, Chuck here has agreed to be an example. Disobey my orders?- then-"  Suddenly Louis's eyes weren't blue anymore. They were red. Louis smiled widely to show off his fangs which reflected the light. My stomach flipped as he sunk his teeth into Chucks neck violently. Blood splattered onto the camera and the desk making me want to gag. A new voice entered the video, saying something that I could not hear. Louis raised his head, his blood stained lips shaping into a frown. He looked directly at the camera with a sigh.

"I'm afraid some of you have already disobeyed me. Like I said; you will be punished."

The screen went black.

Running was not an option to anyone human. Now times were different. Louis-no King Louis- had taken over New York and most of America, concurring more and more land each day. Through out the years, humans became more than citizens of the vampire world, they became pets. Servants.

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