The Return Part 44

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Angry woman with a little violence and language displayed following. If this upsets you, don't read it.

8th September 2018 All Rights Reserved.


Daniel's POV...

I knew it was going to hurt her when she found out. But I didn't think it would be like this. Never like this, I thought as I watched her walk out the door. I also never imagined that Jenny had a temper like that, ever. I never thought she would be that angry that she would loose her temper so bad that she would let fly at me with a punch like that.

I have never heard her speak like that either. She was viscious, totally ropeable. I have never seen her like this before, ever. 

I couldn't believe how fast she could move until I saw it with my own eyes as she seemed to spin through the air and slammed Catherine with the loudest slap I have ever heard. But it was when Cath fell against the wall and fell down to the floor that I knew my gentle little wife has gone.

I just wanted her to stop her from doing something that she would have regretted in the future was what motivated me to grab hold of her and pull her away from Catherine. That was my first and biggest mistake in underestimating my wife.

Especially when I felt the worst kind of stabbing pain to my left eye followed by a gut wrenching punch to the stomach that totally winded me leaving me gasping for oxygen. But what she did next not only brought the tears to my eyes but totally crippled me with that kick to the groin.

She left me in a world of hurt that I thought I would suffocate from when she left me starving for air. Any air, which I couldn't seem to suck into my lungs.

It was a few minutes literally that I was able to find myself moving in an attempt to get myself up off the floor and onto a chair, preferably the closest one. So grabbing the side of the chair, and groaning as I moved, I got myself up and onto the seat to watch what my wife was doing from the other side of the room.

I watched as she spoke to Catherine and whatever she said, it made Catherine flinch and a moment later, Joe was helping her up and out the door.

Then Jenny turned to me and gave me a looked that truly gutted me.

"How long have you been fucking her Daniel. And don't make me ask you again?" She snapped out, not wanting to hear any excuses.

"How long?" She asked for the third time.

"A month." I quietly said to her without looking up as I rubbed my stomach not being game enough to rub the other part of my anatomy that she attacked in case it drew her attention to it and she might decided to give me another kick.

"I hope it was worth it." She said to me in a very choked up voice as tears again filled her eyes. The way she sounded alerted me to know how truly upset she really was. I finally snapped up my head up to look at her, seeing her for the first time.

"I came to get you and steal you away for a holiday. Just me and you. But you've been having a holiday all on your own with that." She was saying in a choked voice as she waved her arm towards the door, not even looking at me. It hurt me to see how much she was now hurting. Hurting from something I deliberately caused this time.

"Was she worth it?" She asked me quietly as I heard her sniffle.

"Jen" I said quietly back to her, hoping she will listen to my excuse why.

"WAS THE SLUT WORTH IT?" She screamed again at me, not caring that others were listening in.

I didn't say not one word to her. Not one word. I wasn't game to at that moment.

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