Tragedy In Gotham

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A/N: At last I finally did the first chapter that i promised to myself for a while now and I do hope this story gets a lot of ready and goes well cause i have a lot of plans for this.Btw the 'soundtrack' to this story will be all listed by the end of this chapter....btw im having a huge obsession with Robin Lord Taylor :3......

The sound of sirens and the police talking is the only thing thats making this situation even worse not to mention the bodies of Martha and Thomas Wayne.I look around the place fully panicked by what happened as i hug my black long coat close to myself and i see Alfred Pennyworth up ahead he's the butler to the Wayne's "Hey you can't pass!" A police shouts and i start to cry once i see the poor boy who lost his parents.

"Bruce!" I ran towards him and he stands up and we both hugged each other as he hid his face so no one else would see him crying.

"I missed you Raven." He whispers only to me.

"I know you did Bruce.But you were brave enough to see what happen and not go all mad all of the sudden." I kiss the top of his head and he looks up at me still with tears.

"M-mom and Dad didn't deserved this,i couldve done something but i was too scared."

Bruce Wayne son of Martha and Thomas Wayne has lost his parents today while all Gotham heard the new and are losing it.Lucky for him I just arrived to my home again to see him and his parents but i was too late,Let me tell you a bit about me. My name is Raven Cordelia Wayne im Bruce's older sister,im eighteen years old,Bruce and I share the same hair color but i dyed my hair a bright red,My eyes are a dark brown color and im pale like him too.I was currently living with a few people i know outside of Gotham for a few reasons.

"Its good to see you again mistress." Alfred says with a small but sad smile on his face.Of course he's also heartbroken that Bruce's parents died.Now i guess Alfred is going to take care of Bruce i just hope Bruce isnt planning on something stupid.

"Who are you?" A sudden voice asks me.I look up ahead and see a police officer walking closer.

"My name is Raven im a...friend of Bruce...a close friend." I answer him.Bruce and I agreed to not tell anyone that im a Wayne since there can be problems with the mafia or anyone else.I just have a few things ive kept hidden from Bruce and I don't plan on telling him anytime soon.

The police guy introduced himself as James Gordon and he just arrived a few days ago to Gotham also saying that this is his home and he plans on staying here and solving any crime.Alfred insisted in me staying at the manor since i just arrived and i havent found an apartment yet.


We arrived to the familiar manor i grew up when I was little way before Bruce was born.Alfred prepared dinner but Bruce refused to eat so I ate his food too since I was super hungry.After i ate i was about to go to my room when I saw Bruce resting on the couch with a blanket around his shoulders,he was staring at the fireplace.

"Remember when Mom and Dad used to tell us stories when we were all gathered her? Also every time I fell or felt sad you always made me feel happy quick.Im sure Mom and Dad wouldve been proud of how you have become...You an stay here if you's like." Bruce turn to face me and gave me a nice smile 

"You too Bruce...You are very much like them more than you know." I went over by his side and hugged him until he fell asleep.

I called Alfred and he carried Bruce up to his room while i went to my old room and got everything in place.I rested my head against the pillow and i somehow knew that this was going to happen and i couldnt help but grin.....



Skillet-Whispers In The Dark

Flyleaf-Bury Your Heart

Tokio Hotel-Strange


Three Days Grace-Fallen Angel

New Years Day-Other Side,Hello Darkness,Malevolence

Fall Out Boy-Just One Yesterday

Shinedown- The Crow And The Butterfly

Adam Lambert- Mad World

Melanie Martinez-Mad Hatter

Set It Off-Wolfs In Sheep's Clothing,Partners In Crime

The Rasmus-Im A Mess

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