As I stepped off the bus and went the office to get me a new locker and the code since they had to change the other one. I realized that I actually missed place. Until what happened next. I walked to my new locker, 534 and opened it and put my bag in there. I was glad that nothing was in my locker before the fire.

I put my hand in the locker to reach in my bag to grab my charger. All of a sudden the locker door slammed on my hand. "Awwee ooowwee." I screamed.
I turned to see who was by the locker and there the hoe was laughing.

I luckily got my hand out. I pushed her on the locker ready to punch her, but she threw the first hit. I fell on the ground. That's when everyone started to crowd us. That's when I got mad . I got up off the floor and pulled her by her hair and dragged her to the floor and punched her repeatedly. She got up and so did I. She punched me in the stomach. Shit that hurt bad. I kicked her in her stomach and punched her in her face and that's when she fell on the floor.

I sat on her ready to punch her when she spit on me. I was ready to pounce on her and beat the shit out of her. I got pulled of her. The Teacher dragged me off of her and sent both of us to the office. The principal said that since I didn't start the fight I wont get suspended. Chloe on the other hand is suspended for 1 week.

I walk out the office when the principal stopped me and told me to walk the new kid to class since he practically all my classes. I walked back to with a bruised hand and scratches of my face and messy hair. The new kid looked at me.

"Hey im Shawn," he held his hand out.
"Lisa," I took his hand. "It looks like you were in a rough ass fight, did you win."

"Bet your ass u did," to be honest he was cute. I looked at him then smiled. Is this a beginning of a new friendship or new crush?

I got lazy trying to do the fight. I'll do it over once the book is finish, but if you want to help, pm me. Someone help with the fight Lmaoo. I'm not into fights.

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